12 Gifts Every 'Game of Thrones' Fan Needs While Waiting For Season 8

by Jordan Lauf
Macall B. Polay/ HBO

Unfortunately for fans, Season 8 of Game of Thrones isn't returning until 2019. That might seem like an impossibly long wait, especially since the last time we were in Westeros, Jon Snow and Khaleesi were finally together and Cersei was threatening to kill just about everyone. But if Game of Thrones fans can't have a new episode every week this summer, than at least they can have a lot of Westerosi merch to get them through the draught. Is a GoT fan in your life graduating? Have a birthday coming up and don't know what to ask for? Here are 12 Game of Thrones gifts every fan needs to get through the long winter.

These Game of Thrones products range from the kind of practical household items that Jon Snow would value, to drinking glasses that Tyrion would be proud to use, to fierce fashion items that Khaleesi would totally rock. No matter your taste, you can be assured that there is a Game of Thrones product out there for you. Whether you want to keep your love for Game of Thrones a little on the down low, or shout it from the rooftops, here are 12 GoT gifts you should purchase, ASAP.

1. Hodor Door Stop


NakedWoodenWorks' Hodor Doorstop, $19.99, Etsy

Is it too soon to make this joke? Obviously a reference to Hodor's tragic death, this doorstop will "hold the door" open for you as long as you need, although there is no guarantee that it will protect against White Walkers.

2. GoT Sigils Sock

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters' Game of Thrones Sigil Sock, $20 for 3 pairs, Urban Outfitters

Perfect for the sock enthusiast in your life (everyone knows at least one sock collector), this is a subtle nod to the show. Each sock is decorated with all of the house sigils, so whether you identify as a Stark or a Targaryen, you'll be satisfied.

3. Game of Thrones House Banners

Think Geek

ThinkGeek's Game of Thrones House Banners, $7.99-$16.99, ThinkGeek

The perfect decoration for a dorm room or an apartment, these banners come in just about every house, and I mean every house. You can purchase the Arryn, Baelish, Baratheon, Baratheon of Dragonstone, Bolton, Clegane, Frey, Greyjoy, Lannister, Martell, Mormont, Stark, Targaryen, Tarly, Tarth, Tully, and Tyrell house banners. Each are 30" x 50", and will spruce up the living space of any serious Game of Thrones fan.

4. House Stark T-Shirt

Hot Topic

Hot Topic's House Stark T-Shirt, $16.72-$18.32, Hot Topic

This edgy t-shirt is perfect for every GoT fan who identifies strongly with the Stark clan. The sizes run from XXS to 3X, and the shirt is sure to turn some heads.

5. Game of Thrones Coloring Book

Barnes & Noble

HBO's Game of Thrones Coloring Book, $1.99, Barnes & Noble

Perfect for an artistic friend, or for someone who loves to color as a stress-relief method, this coloring book has 60 pages of your favorite GoT scenes.

6. Iron Throne Toilet Decal


Shop Simply Perfect's Iron Throne Toilet Decal, $19.98, Amazon

Great for a jokester who wants to sit on an iron throne while they do their business, or someone who wishes to pay an homage to the fact that Tywin Lannister died on the john, this wall decal will spruce up any bathroom.

7. Mother of Dragons Flowy Tank

HBO Shop

HBO Shop Mother of Dragons Flowy Tank, $24.95, HBO Shop

This cool tank is the perfect gift for the Game of Thrones superfan in your life... or for anyone who is a fan of Khaleesi. This shirt also comes in grey!

8. My Sun and Stars and Moon of My Life Coffee Mug Set


TurtleRok's My Sun and Stars and Moon of My Life Handmade Coffee Mug Set, $62.00, Amazon

Going to a wedding this summer and don't know what to get the happy couple? This hand crafted set of coffee mugs are sure to be a hit with the couple that watches every episode together.

9. Etched Stemless Wineglass


AdirondackEtching's Etched Stemless Wineglass, $12.99, Etsy

The next time you have a wine and cheese night, bring this cool glass to the party to assert your intelligence, and Game of Thrones knowledge. This stemless wine glass is 15 oz and dishwasher safe!

10. The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook


Chelsea Monroe-Cassel & Sariann Lehrer's A Feast of Ice & Fire Cookbook, $23.79, Amazon

This cookbook makes the perfect gift for the aspiring chef in your life. It contains recipes for everything from what breakfast at the Night's Watch might look like, and a dessert of frozen blueberries and sweet cream.

11. Game of Thrones Compass Necklace


UniqueAnomaly's Game of Thrones Compass Necklace, $27.99, Etsy

People might not even know that this pretty necklace had anything to do with Game of Thrones until they gave it a closer look. It features the Baratheon stag, Stark Direwolf, Targaryen Dragon, and Lannister Lion. Customers can even choose whether they want the charm on a sterling silver necklace or a stainless steel ball chain.

12. Brienne of Tarth Figure

HBO Shop

Funko Pop! Brienne of Tarth Figure, $14.95, HBO Shop

This cute figurine is a great gift for any feminist warrior, and is the perfect desk decoration. There are also other Funko Pop! figures on sale for just about every Game of Thrones character, so if Brienne isn't your favorite, don't worry, there's a Jon Snow figurine too.

2019 is a long way off, but the novelty of these gifts should last until then.