12 Apps That Can Help You With Redecorating Any Room In Your Home

by Brittany Bennett
IKEA Place/Houzz

Inspiration has struck — or you just binge-watched every remodel show HGTV has to offer — and your room is getting a makeover. Just because you don't have Joanna Gaines on speed dial doesn't mean that your room can't get a flawless glow-up. Consult your phone for design help with apps to help you with redesigning your room. It is officially the 21st century, and your smart phone is basically a pocket sized interior designer.

Whether you're shopping for a cool vintage chair to make your writing desk throne or need help with measurements, your phone is at your service. Forget scanning magazines for interior ~moods~, just download the perfect app and scroll through until you find out if you're going for more of a country chic look, an industrial farmhouse vibe or an electric, eclectic den of color.

If you, a now functional grown adult who appreciates floating shelves more than the latest social tea, are in the market for a room tune up, these apps are a must to download. You'll be doused in digital inspiration, find unique one-of-a-kind pieces to fill your room with, and get an assist on hanging that new piece of wall art perfectly. And all it takes is a tap of your finger.


This goes without saying. Pinterest is a must download. It provides countless scrolling hours of interior design inspiration. It is the prettiest hole you will ever fall down.


Houzz will let you browse for products and even view them in your room by taking a shot of which wall you want that one couch to go against and dropping it into the frame. The app also allows users to browse inspiration pictures, and even use a sketch feature to draw directly on photos from Houzz.


This app will come in handy when you can't get a hold of Joanna Gaines between projects. Havenly allows users to design rooms from their phones with the help of a professional interior designer. Users and designers are matched up through a quick quiz so everyone is on the same page that the room is going for a mod look and not rustic farm fresh.


Using 3D technology, Hutch allows you to shop and drop to-scale images of that bed frame you're on the fence about into a picture of your space. This way you can dress up your room without committing to a particular product before seeing it in your space. Excuse me as I change everything about my room for the next few hours!


Oh my beloved Chairish! This phone app allows those of us looking for the most noteworthy pieces — the kind that will be forever cherished in your space — to browse through the most stocked digital marketplace. From chairs to rugs, you'll stumble upon all the sorts of pieces that make a house a home. You can even see what's available in your local area for pick up instead of having that antique French chair shipped.

Tape Measure

When you can't find your tape measure, there's an app for that. I recently misplaced my tape measure in the middle of moving and just had to know in that moment if a certain table I'd been eyeing would fit in the spot I had in mind for it. Instead of running to the hardware store and back, I downloaded Tape Measure and measured away. The table won't fit and I'll have to move on to another choice.


If you're looking to fill your space with creative pieces from artists around the world, Etsy is the place to shop.

iHandy Level

Hanging a new frame? Don't even think about walking away without using iHandy Level to make sure it's as straight — and satisfying — as can be!


Looking for the perfect piece of art to spiffy up your bare wall space? Look no further than Artupia, the app that allows you to browse prints and then digitally fit them to the wall in question to see if it actually goes with your whole vibe.


BrightNest is an app that helps you prioritize what needs to get done while also dishing out interior design inspiration. Need to paint your walls? Hang up floating shelves? BrightNest can help remind you of all these things before you fluff the pillows.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot app makes it incredibly easy to shop for products from your phone. Can't wait for that hammer to be delivered? Check to see if it's in stock at your local store before heading out to see for yourself.

IKEA Place

What is a room without IKEA? I, too, do not know of such a thing. IKEA Place allows you to shop for products and design your entire room before selecting "check out". The only bad thing is there aren't any meatballs available to browse while designing.