12 'Lizzie McGuire' Episodes To Watch On Disney+ If You Ship Lizzie & Gordo

Hilary Duff and Adam Lambert as Lizzie McGuire and Gordo
Ali Goldstein

Throughout Lizzie McGuire, there's been one person that has stuck with Lizzie through thick and thin, from middle school crushes to awkward adolescent drama: Mr. David Gordon. Gordo was easily the most dependable guy on the show (not counting Sam McGuire). His rock-solid friendship with Lizzie was a middle school dream. And, with Disney+, now is the perfect time to revisit the 12 Lizzie McGuire episodes to watch if you ship Lizzie and Gordo.

Whether Lizzie was plotting revenge on Kate Sanders, gushing over Ethan Craft (again), or traversing around Rome with an Italian singer she'd never heard of, all to replace another Italian singer that looked exactly like her (sing to me, Paolo), Gordo has always known exactly what to do to get Lizzie out of trouble or just support her, making him the de-facto best friend. (Miranda would have also qualified if actor Lalaine had actually appeared in the film or the last few episodes.)

The signs were there from the beginning that Lizzie and Gordo (or as they should be known, Lordo) were end game. He's even returning for the upcoming Lizzie reboot on Disney+ (well, if it ever happens), and while it's not confirmed where their relationship stands now, the show's writers must be aware of what everyone wants: Lizzie and Gordo forever! While you can make the argument that every episode is great if you stan Lordo, these are the best of the best.

"Pool Party" (Season 1, Episode 4)


The very first episode of Lizzie McGuire (ok, not the first one that actually aired, but this was indeed the first episode ever shot) sowed the seeds of Lizzie and Gordo's friendship dynamic: when Lizzie was in a funk, Gordo was always there to remind her what was truly important. She would do the same for him in the future, and our hearts would quickly be stolen by these two tweens.

"I Do, I Don't" (Season 1, Episode 10)


The first sign of their OTP status is in this episode, where Lizzie and Gordo must pretend that they're married for a school project. Sure, Lizzie spends the whole time being jealous of Miranda, who was paired with resident school heartthrob Ethan, but she eventually realizes how well she has it with her trusty Gordo, and that is what matters.

"Gordo and the Girl" (Season 1, Episode 19)


It might be blasphemy to suggest that you watch an episode where Gordo starts dating another girl (*gasp*), but it's worth it to see Lizzie's reaction to the shocking news that not only can he actually get a date, but he's actually ditching her and Miranda for his new girlfriend. Lizzie's wacky spying schemes and her denials say it all.

"Courtship of Miranda" (Season 1, Episode 29)


This episode doesn't seem too Lordo-centric on the surface, but it's all about reading between the lines. Lizzie tries to talk to Miranda's crush and act as her wingwoman, but he ends up thinking Lizzie is the one who likes him. Meanwhile, Gordo hangs out with Matt to escape the girl drama. Or is he not able to face his jealousy? Hmm.

"First Kiss" (Season 2, Episode 1)


Lizzie doesn't have her first kiss with Gordo, but with a clueless stud who leaves her for another girl (the audacity!). And while that is a true crime, it's also for the best. It causes Gordo to realize how he truly feels about Lizzie, and of course, he's there once again when it all falls apart.

"Just Friends" (Season 2, Episode 8)


Gordo encourages Lizzie to act on her crush on Ethan (don't worry, just wait). But Ethan tells her that he only likes her as a friend after she goes out of her way to impress him, leaving her heartbroken and not wanting to go to the school dance. Cue Gordo, who consoles her at Matt's Club Flamingo and slow-dances with her at their own dance. Smooth move, Gordo.

"Movin' On Up" (Season 2, Episode 17)


Gordo gets the chance to move up a grade and start high school early, and it's so cool to Lizzie and Miranda... until they realize how much they miss him. This is Lizzie's first inkling that she may like Gordo as more than a friend, but she just can't bring herself to tell him she misses him. Baby steps!

"A Gordo Story" (Season 2, Episode 26)


Parker, a new girl at school declines Gordo's ask to be his date to the dance, telling Lizzie that he's too short (the nerve!). After a bizarre cowboy boot mishap, Lizzie goes to the dance with him and Miranda. But when Parker apologizes to Gordo and Miranda leaves to dance with Ethan, Lizzie feels alone, another sign that her feelings for Gordo are more than just platonic.

"The Greatest Crush Of All" (Season 2, Episode 28)

Lizzie, Miranda, and every girl at Hillridge Junior High has an instant crush on their new Scottish substitute teacher. As intelligent as ever, Gordo embraces his one-eighth Scottish heritage and turns up the accent in an effort to impress more ladies. Or is he really just trying to woo Lizzie (again)? Inquiring minds would like to know.

"Dear Lizzie" (Season 2, Episode 22)


At this point, Gordo has realized his true feelings for Lizzie and is debating how to tell her without losing their core friendship. But it almost slips out when Lizzie, as the school's hip new advice columnist, answers Confused Boy's question about how to handle liking a friend. Of course, Confused Boy is actually Gordo, and it's all just a lot to process, OK?

"Clue-Less" (Season 2, Episode 23)


A murder mystery party changes Lizzie and Gordo forever. Lizzie wonders why Gordo is trying so hard to win, before Kate blurts out that he has a crush on Lizzie and everyone knows but her. Lizzie lets Gordo win even though she solves the murder first, making her realize her true feelings about the boy who's always been there. It finally encourages Gordo to ask her out, before Sam interrupts, because of course he does. Thanks, dad!

"Bye Bye Hillridge Junior High" (Season 2, Episode 24)


The series finale (even though it aired earlier than several episodes filmed prior) still didn't give fans the Lizzie/Gordo ending they were hoping for, but it got close. Gordo spends their last day of eighth grade stressing over what to write in Lizzie's yearbook. His message was simple but perfect — and resulted in Lizzie being touched enough to kiss Gordo on the cheek. Success!

Bonus: 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie'


Lizzie and Gordo's first kiss was such a big deal that writers decided they had to save it for a big theatrical extravaganza. Sure, The Lizzie McGuire Movie focused more on Rome, and two randoms named Paolo and Isabella, but it was a ruse for the true storyline: Gordo will always be there for Lizzie and supportive of even her wackiest dreams, and that was enough for them to finally kiss.

Now this is what dreams are made of.