12 National Selfie Day Photo Ideas For When You Can’t Choose A Pic

Gabriel Rossi/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

With National Selfie day just around the corner on Jun. 21, you're probably trying to think up some good National Selfie Day photo ideas. And while the ways to celebrate might seem pretty obvious — taking a selfie, of course — there are actually tons of ways to participate, simply because there are tons of ways to take a selfie. It just takes one look at your camera roll to prove this: There are dozens of ways to take a selfie, so certainly there are a dozen ways to celebrate National Selfie Day.

The modern day self-portrait's techniques have evolved to be pretty dynamic. Think about it: there are so many different ways to take a picture of yourself. There are so many devices and tools that you can use to enhance your pictures. There are so many themes you can explore, filters you can use, apps you can edit with and features you can use to play it with. Not to mention, there are heaps of prompts, aka hashtags, that you can use to inspire the vibe of you photo. So to do the holiday justice, play around with the art of the selfie and show off some of its many styles and vibes and different cultural relevancies. Here are a few suggestions:

"The Tourist" Selfie Stick

If Obama is brave enough to use a selfie stick, you can too. Go classic tourist and take a picture of yourself in public, with the help if a selfie stick.

The Kardashian Kapture

Kim is the queen of selfies. She knows all the right angles and has the best tools to make a casual snap at home look like a professional snap in the studio. Use a LuMee case to get that Kardashian studio lighting.

The OG Non-Selfie Selfie

National Selfie Day just so happens to fall on a Thursday, so you've got your #tbt covered. Post a picture of yourself from back in the day, before selfies were even a thing.

The Headshot

You know the kind of selfie I'm talking about — the one that you set up to look like a professional photo, but then you cropped your arm out. You're not fooling anyone... but it looks legit, so who cares?! We can't all afford professional photographers.

The Portrait

Take a serious portrait of yourself. You know, a classic self portrait that captures you in a way you want to be remembered. For this, you must use the timer feature!

The Filter

We've all got a favorite filter that makes us look like our best digital selves. Celebrate the filter and use it in your National Selfie Day post.

The #iwokeuplikethis

If you're feeling brave and bold, post a picture of yourself first thing in the morning. Personally, I think if you're honest, the #iwokeuplikethis prompt is really empowering!

The Deep Reflection

We've all been there, that emo, uber serious selfie that just so happens to pair perfectly with your favorite song lyric or line from a poem. Celebrate your emotional self!

The Face Mask

If you're all about that face mask life, celebrate it on National Selfie Day. Wear your favorite mask, be it classic green or white, or go glam and try out a sheet mask or metallic mask.

The Dogie

If you've got a dog that's talented enough to take a selfie, it honestly deserves its own holiday.

The Painted Wall

If there's a painted wall that you've always wanted to take a picture in front of, but were too embarrassed, let this holiday be the day that you pose your heart out. We're all fashion bloggers at heart, we all love a painted wall.

The Ellen At The Oscars

This might be the greatest selfie of all time, but if you're willing to challenge it, power to you! Get your friends together and try to be cuter than Ellen and the Brads.