12 Patterned Tights That'll Help You Copy The Catwalk On A Budget

by Lauren Sharkey
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Now that autumn has well and truly hit, there's only one way to instantly refresh your wardrobe. And that's with a pair of tights. Not just any tights, but those artistically patterned tights you wore sporadically throughout your teen years. Remember that floral pair you wore to your secondary school disco? Or the colourful lacy design you begged your parents to buy? Well, those are truly back in business.

Hugely influential brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Versace have all sent out untraditional tights in recent seasons. There were bright colours, loud logo designs, and subtle geometric shapes. The high street has followed suit, swapping those mega price tags for much more affordable ones.

The idea of spending upwards of £100 on something that could rip with one erroneous move is not for me. And that's putting it lightly. So instead, I've sought out more cost-efficient options. You can pair them with absolutely anything: mini skirts and dresses, maxi styles, even under a pair of jeans if you feel like it. Rules no longer apply.

That's for footwear too. These tights are meant for showing off, so don't be scared to try them with an open-toed heel at your office Christmas party.

Here's a few super creative designs to add to your tights drawer.


Tights: the simplest way to jazz things up.

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