12 Eagles-Themed Super Bowl Party Ideas You Can Put Together Last Minute

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is upon us, which means that it's time for anyone who doesn't have a strong feeling about a team in the big game to arbitrarily adopt a team to allow for maximum trash-talking and revelry. Did you visit Boston once? Sounds like you might be a New England Patriots fan! Do you have a thing for the color green? You'll probably be super invested in a Philadelphia Eagles win. If the latter is the case, good news: I have some Philadelphia Eagles-themed Super Bowl party ideas for you, and you should be able to pull them off whether you're a real fan or a super, super casual one. (No judgment either way.)

Philadelphia sports fans have a reputation for being, well, enthusiastic — I say this as a Pennsylvania native — so the most important thing you need to know if you're planning to host a truly pro-Eagles party is that it's going to be loud. Like, really loud. All of these on-theme extras will certainly add to the atmosphere, but in Philly, it's all about the attitude, so don't skimp on exuberance. If your guests are as committed to the Birds as the Eagles fans I know, they probably won't even notice most of these things because they'll be too busy chanting "E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!" But, hey, at least you can say you tried!

Green Balloons

Your local party store (and Amazon) might be out of stock on all Eagles-specific decor, but you should be able to track down some green balloons in time for the big game. Find silver and black permanent markers and use them to write competitive phrases or draw the signature lacing of a football.

Philadelphia Playlist

I'm not suggesting you play music during the game (that would be highly controversial), but why not create a list of Philadelphia-themed tunes to play before kickoff? Per Ranker, The Roots, Joan Jett, Will Smith, and Hall & Oates are all from the Philadelphia area (to name a few), so you can start with them.

Fudge Mint Popcorn

In addition to sounding delicious (nothing better than a sweet/salty combo!), this recipe from Inside BruCrew Life looks about as Eagles-y as you can get.

Green Mardi Gras Beads

Metallic Mardi Gras Party Necklace Beads ($15), Amazon

Stock up on green-only Mardi Gras beads for all your party guests. Everyone will be itching to frost themselves with the team's colors if (or when!) the Eagles start kicking butt.

Green Beer

With the Eagles' Super Bowl appearance, you have the unique opportunity to dust off a few St. Patrick's Day traditions a month early. According to The Kitchn, the best beers to dye green are Peak Organic Fresh Cut, Sam Adams Rebel IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Shock Top Belgian White, and Jack's Abby Hoponious Union IPL. Regardless of what variety you choose, the process of turning your beer green is pretty simple. Put two large drops of food coloring in the bottom of your pint glass and slowly pour the beer at an angle down the side.

Philly Cheesesteak Dip

It would be blasphemous to celebrate anything Philadelphia-related without eating cheesesteaks. This Philly cheesesteak dip recipe from Cooking For Keeps is perfect for a Super Bowl party.

Fight Song

If you're a true Eagles fan, you know that the fight song ("Fly, eagles, fly, on the road to victory...") is a major part of Philly sports culture — and if you are pretending to be an Eagles fan just for the Super Bowl, you better figure it out fast. Want to be hardcore? Make each of your guests sing the fight song before they enter the party.

Mini-Liberty Bells

Silver Steel Hand Bell ($6), Amazon

The Liberty Bell is one of the best-known symbols of Philadelphia. Distribute novelty bells to all of your party guests and ring them every time the Birds score a touchdown.

Soft Pretzels

Cheesesteaks aren't the only signature Philly snack. Soft pretzels are a big deal in the City of Brotherly Love too! The Kitchn offers an easy tutorial if you want to try your hand at making them from scratch.

Eagle Mask

Eagle Head Mask ($16), Amazon

I don't think that this requires a lot of explanation. The eagle head mask is both hilarious and on-theme.

Green Felt Tablecloth

Acrylic Felt Sheet, 25 pieces ($13), Amazon

Line up green felt sheets on the table at your Super Bowl party. Green is an Eagles color, of course, but it also resembles the turf of a football field! You can go a step further by drawing field markings with white chalk.

Italian Ices

Wyler's Authentic Italian Ices ($9), Amazon

Having grown up in the Philadelphia area, I can tell you firsthand that Philadelphians love their Italian ices, so stock your freezer with them before the game. You can even add some booze if you want!