12 Genius Products For Cleaning Up After Your Pet That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Accidents happen — and unfortunately when you have a pet, messy accidents happen more often than they don't. Without products that make cleaning up after your pet easy, I literally have no idea how people would even deal. If you have a pet, you know that on any given day, you might have to clean up pee, poop, vomit, a knocked over garbage can, a colossal spill or a unidentified pile of soggy something. While the love you have for your pet certainly makes dealing with the gross stuff a lot more manageable, the truth is that without an arsenal of trusty cleaning products that actually work, it would be a lot more stressful.

Without some awesome cleaning products, my house that is home to a small dog would look like a pig pen. It doesn't matter how small and well behaved your dog or cat is, good little animals make big stinkin' messes. If you have a pet and need to update your cleaning resources, or you're thinking about getting a pet and want to be prepared, here are a few things that you should definitely consider getting. And by "consider" I mean you need this stuff if you don't want your home to look like a disaster zone.

A Trusty Odor And Stain Remover

A Pee Finder, Yes, That's A Thing

A Pooper Scooper

A De-Shedder

A Car Seat Cover

A Staple Shampoo

A Green Poop Bag

An Absorbent Pee Pad

An Alternative Fresh Pad

A Pet-Hair Vacuum

A Pet-Friendly Detergent

A Pet Hair Remover For Clothes