12 Rainboots That Don’t Look Like Rainboots

by Rachel Nussbaum

Sure, rainboots are great for puddle-jumping, and the aesthetic is there. But on all other counts, classic rainboots are not great — the overheating, the clunking, the midday sweat. Here's where I say "luckily," and luckily, the fashion industry has come through with a plethora of rainboots that don't look like rainboots.

Important because look outside, I dare you. Despite it being late March in the world, it's cold, and more than that, it's (intermittently) wet. Despicable, truly, but sadly par for the course, hearkening back to ye olde saying "April showers bring May flowers." The only solution is to suit up and get through it, and while duck boots will always have a place in my heart, clanky, knee-high rubber rain boots can get right out of my life.

Most of the chicer options instead masquerade and pull double-duty as Chelsea boots, with either matte or patent finishes and sleekly cut silhouettes that are infinitely wearable rain or shine. Ideal for when you think it might rain, or not, but don't want to be the person who committed to rain gear on a dry day. Make no mistakes, with these 12 Rainboots That Don't Look Like Rainboots™.

1. Sam Edelman 'Tinsley' Rain Boot

Sam Edelman 'Tinsley' Rain Boot, $55, Zappos

Sleek, stylish and functional, Sam Edelman's matte rainboot is a no-brainer to reach for wet or dry.

2. Loeffler Randall Fenton Rain Booties

Loeffler Randall Fenton Rain Booties, $195, Shop Bop

The moto-infused look of these Loeffler Randall's balances style and durability, and with a jersey lining, your feet will stay warm and dry.

3. J.Crew Matte Chelsea Rain Boots

J. Crew Matte Chelsea Rain Boots, $68, J. Crew

J. Crew always delivers on shoes, and this brown-burgundy pair of Chelsea rain boots is no exception. PVC wards off wetness, while the low-cut elastic is ideal for a slip-n-go situation.

4. Rag & Bone Moto Rain Boots

Rag & Bone Moto Rain Boots, $225, Shop Bop

Textured rubber makes for an authentically leather look, with all the trappings of a nonchalant-cool moto boot (complete with easiest pull on, ever crucial).

5. Hunter Original Penny Loafer

Hunter Original Penny Loafer, $135, Zappos

OG ol' reliable rainboot brand Hunter comes through with this iteration, a next gen penny loafer in water resistant rubber. Pair it with their tall socks for a chic "school uniform" look (I'm totally kidding, but you do you).

6. Jeffrey Campbell Stormy Rain Booties

Jeffrey Campbell Stormy Rain Boot, $55, Urban Outfitters

Not quite blue suede shoes, but doing a damn good impression of them. The navy on this rubber pair of Jeffrey Campbells will banish rainy day blues with a solid showing of their own (hot tip though, the black patent is also gorgeous).

7. Hunter Boots Original Refined Rubber Slip On Sneakers

Hunter Boots Original Refined Slip On Sneakers, $115, Shop Bop

If you're feeling normcore, it's hard to do better than these slip ons. They do have a semi-crunchy feel, but you can't beat 'em for functionality.

8. Jeffrey Campbell Clima Rain Boot

Jeffrey Campbell Clima Rain Boot, $55, Shop Bop

And in the wholly other direction, the heels on these black beauties makes for a silhouette that serves puddle looks (also available in a highly gorgeous blue-grey color).

9. Dansko Rosa

Dansko Rosa, $100, Zappos

Another pair of stompers ideal for puddles, but disguised in a combat-grunge gettup. They're also available in navy and black, if green's not your style.

10. Jeffrey Campbell Cloudy

Jeffrey Campbell Cloudy, $55, Jeffrey Campbell

This spin on a traditional Chelsea gets a height-lifting addition to keep you free and clear of treacherous waters. Although if you do get wet, no harm/no foul, it's all water resistant here.

11. Hunter Boots Original Refined Chelsea Booties

Hunter Boots Original Refined Chelsea Booties, $145, Shop Bop

Sleek and utilitarian, this is an all-day wear pair for when it's wet and you don't want your feet to hurt, because why must we always be heeled, wet or dry? These boots look good, and, as a "could it be done?" bonus, make pegged cuffs also look good.

12. Merona Alex Chelsea Rain Boots

Merona Alex Chelsea Rain Boots, $25, Target

Remember those Sam Edelman Tinsley boots at the top? These are a dead ringer (and also come in a gorgeous olive green).

Only want to wear rainboots forevermore? I'm in the same boat, so it's a good thing we've got these rainboots on. That joke was horrible! Hopefully you were distracted by the ample options above and didn't make it this far down.

Images: Courtesy of Brands