12 Stress-Relief Products Reddit Users Swear By

When in doubt, I look to Reddit. This internet hub is a global community where everyone from enthusiasts to experts goes to talk about, well, everything. The forum is full of parenting tips, Korean beauty secrets, natural hygiene recommendations and so much more. So naturally, when stress started to get the best of me, I turned to this hive of information for advice on how to manage anxiety — and Redditors didn't disappoint.

Recently, mindfulness and relaxation have been topics growing in popularity on the forum (and in the cultural zeitgeist as a whole) — because, let's be real, the world is an increasingly frustrating place, and sometimes you just need to bake a pan of brownies to center yourself. Reddit has subpages on everything from stress relief to the best products for calmness care packages, and most of the time, the comments are hilarious, honest, and really helpful.

I've taken some time to sort through the best of the best and align Redditors' advice with calming products you can buy right now to help ease your tension. Whether you're looking for a new relaxing hobby or a way to kick-start your meditation game, look no further than these random but amazing products that Reddit users swear by.

Unwind With An Adult Coloring Book (Or Three)

Creatively Calm Adult Coloring Book Set, $20, Amazon

Reddit user jesscwill recommends, "Adult coloring book and markers" and tons of other Redditors agree that it helps to create a sense of calm and presence. This Creatively Calm adult coloring book set comes with three gorgeous books (animals, scenery, and geometric shapes) with over 120 intricate designs. Pages are also thick and durable, so you can use anything from gel pens to markers.

Yoga Can Help With Full Body Relaxation

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set, $40, Amazon

"Definitely Yoga," says user MrBeardedLady. "Always thought it was dumb at first until I actually tried it for the first time. It really does a good job at helping you relax." The Sivan Health and Fitness yoga set is a starter kit with everything you need for your at home routine, including an ultra-thick mat, two support blocks, two towels, and a strap. Reviewers say that everything is durable and high quality, and works wonderfully alongside any YouTube video. The set also comes in seven different colors.

Center Your Mind In The Present Moment Right Before Bed

100 Days of Mindfulness Journal, $19, Amazon

"Writing," says Lechife. "Putting my day on the paper, analyzing and discussing the events which happened. Helps me clear out frustrating moments and just a clearer mind overall." The 100 Days of Mindfulness journal helps to center you in the present moment with prompts, gratitude lists, suggestions, and simple exercises. Reviewers have called it clear, concise, and well-written, and it's a great journal to use "at the end of the day to help through a stressful time."

Encourage Daily Meditation With A Supportive Zafu

Trevida Organic Zafu Buckwheat Meditation Cushion, $35, Amazon

I'm much more likely to honor my daily meditation practice if I know I'll be comfortable throughout. "I'd recommend a zafu as well," says user IrishBreakfast. "I got one off of Amazon about two years ago on sale for only $30, and it's stuck with me through thick and thin. It's firm enough to keep you off the ground a bit, but soft enough to support your tailbone and keep your mind off of your body. Also, it can be used as support for your lower back in a desk chair as well since they're small enough to slip comfortably behind you."

The Trevida zafu meditation cushion is made with natural buckwheat hulls and organic cotton, has a removable and washable cover, and is comfortable and supportive.

Good Luck Being Stressed With 18 Corner Brownies

Chicago Metallic Slice Solutions Brownie Pan, $20, Amazon

According to the_Chocolate_lover, baking is a foolproof way to blow off some steam. "Depending on the level of stress, I bake stuff that needs less (e.g. sponge cake) or more manual work (pastry). Sometimes my husband comes home and sees me baking... he just asked 'who pissed you off today?'" For less-manual-work days, this brilliant Chicago Metallic Slice Solutions brownie pan has an ingenious metal divider that pre-slices brownies (or corn bread, or pizza). As a result, everything cooks more evenly, requires less work, and gives everyone an edge piece — which, let's be real; you can never have enough corner brownies.

This Inspiring Book To Help You Through A Tough Time

The Alchemist, $11, Amazon

"I read The Alchemist after a girl I dated told me that it had helped her cope with her break-up," says MedicalMann. "It was something I had a hard time putting down and finished it. Felt very short but rewarding and really made me forget about most of the worries at the time. I would recommend that." It's a fable about a traveling shepherd boy that combines magic, mysticism, and wisdom, and countless readers have fallen in love with the inspiring truths presented by author Paulo Coelho.

Find Your Favorite Flavor With This Bath Salt Sampler

SmallTown Table Bath Salt Sampler, $25, Amazon

"A long hot bath," says 15madhatter. "Bubbles, salt, candles, music." This SmallTown Table bath salt sampler comes with ten different mixes of Epsom salts and essential oils for all natural soaks. It has everything from activated charcoal to lavender, and reviewers say all of them smell great.

A Lavender Neck Wrap To Help With Stress And Pain

Victoria's Lavender Neck Wrap, $30, Amazon

According to fruticose-foliose, "a lavender-scented neck warmer thing" is a great investment. "I have one that is filled with barley and lavender flowers and it's SO nice when I want to relax. Warm and earthy." This Victoria's Lavender neck wrap is filled with flax and French lavender for an interior that warms in the microwave and gives off a stress-relieving aroma. Reviewers love that it holds heat for a really long time and even helps with cramps and migraines.

This Knitting Starter Kit That Comes With Everything You Need To Make A Scarf

Learn to Knit Kit, $23, Amazon

"Knitting," says user Khalizabeth. "During finals week last year I made about 3 scarves. Probably should have been studying." If you're not sure where to start, this Learn to Knit Kit comes with an illustrated book, the correct size needles, a tapestry needle, and a ball of yarn so you can make your first ever scarf.

This Tea That Simply Melts Away Your Tension

Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Herbal Tea, $13, Amazon

According to ksperry, "Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer herbal tea" belongs in everyone's calmness care package. "That stuff is so good, and helps me when I feel stressed or anxious!" It's caffeine-free, made without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and reviewers say it tastes great and actually helps their whole body to melt into relaxation. This one comes in a pack of six, so you'll be set for quite a while.

Two Calming Activities In One With This Coloring Puzzle

White Mountain Puzzles Hummingbird Coloring Puzzle, $12, Amazon

Reddit user bearclones prefers "puzzle games" for stress relief. "It's mind numbing and easy." This White Mountain Puzzles hummingbird coloring puzzle has 300 unique and durable interlocking pieces, and when you're done putting them together, you can color it in. That means that you get two calming activities in one.

Block Out The World Without Wires

VFAD Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headphones, $25, Amazon

"Music, for sure," says Son_Of_A_Pun. "Invest in some good headphones and you're in your own world." Whether it's for rocking out or working out, these VFAD Bluetooth headphones have you covered. They're totally wireless, flexible and lightweight, sweat proof for exercise, and securely fit in your ears. Best of all, they last for up to ten hours on one charge and help to mute outside noises.

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