12 Surprisingly Wonderful Self-Care Products

There is a lot going on in the world right now. Turn on the news and you're bombarded with stress; log on to Facebook to unwind and you get more of the same. This calls for genius self-care products that help you relax at home, because as much as you'd like to drop everything and head to Aruba for three weeks, adulthood unfortunately doesn't often allow for that.

Right now, I'm working entirely from home as a freelance writer and editor. When I tell someone this, they normally respond with something like, "That sounds great — working from home is probably so relaxing." Yes, I seriously do love it, but as far as the "relaxation" part goes? It is and it isn't.

Trust me — I'm all about typing up an article in my onesie, but working from home also means that I have zero distinction between my stress space and my relaxation space. When I finish my shift at the end of the day, there isn't that going-home distinction that someone who works in an office might feel, because I've been there all along, and so have my work-related concerns.

This is precisely why I fill my space with products that help me unwind after a long day. If I can't necessarily get a change of environment, I can change my current activity. This means that I can still achieve that mental holiday no matter what's going on around me. And with these excellent self-care strategies and products, I hope you can, too.


Simulate Natural Sunlight For A Much-Needed Mental Beach Vacation

Beurer Daylight Lamp, $60, Amazon

If you're dying to be on the beach, but can't afford the time off, this Beurer daylight lamp delivers 10,000 lux of UV-free light that simulates the sun to your desk or bedroom, so you can balance your mood as well as melatonin production. Reviewers love that it's bright, portable, and helps them push past their winter drowsiness and get up in the morning.


Stimulate Pressure Points In Your Back For Full Body Relaxation

HemingWeigh Complete Acupressure Mat, $28, Amazon

I would be a walking ball of anxiety if it wasn't for my acupressure mat. The HemingWeigh complete acupressure mat has thousands of tiny little contact points (don't worry — your body weight gets dispersed, so pain is minimal) that stimulate pressure points in your back and neck. This leads to full-body relaxation, decreased back and shoulder pain, and a whole flood of endorphins. This one even comes with a free rounded pillow.


These High-Quality Brushes Inspired By Unicorns

FONY Unicorn Makeup Brush Set, $18, Amazon

I'm a big believer in self-pampering when you're feeling a little low, and this FONY unicorn makeup brush set is a whimsical and effective way to do it. Each comes with five unicorn-themed brushes that cover all your makeup needs, and the bristles are silky smooth, extremely durable, and as professional as they are beautiful to display on your vanity.


This Genius Wearable Massager For The Toughest Days

Five Star Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager, $55, Amazon

If you've got a stress knot that just won't work itself out but don't have the cash (or time) to spend two hours at a spa, check out this Five Star Shiatsu massager. It's got eight kneading rollers and soothing heat to work out any tension in your back and neck, and features a convenient, wearable design that's great for at work or in your bed.


Purify The Air With A Relaxing Glow

Levoit Elora Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp, $70, Amazon

Himalayan salt lamps like this one make an awesome addition to your space. Not only do they provide a calming orange light, but they release negative ions into the air, which attach to allergens, radiation, and bacteria to purify it. This one is hand-carved, has a durable stainless steel base, and a touch-controlled dimming switch. It also uses only the highest-quality salt crystals, so it's one of the most effective on the market.


Experience Your Dopamine-Inducing Music Like Never Before

Ocean Wave Projector Speaker, $25, Amazon

It's been scientifically proven that music positively impacts your mood because of increased dopamine release, but you've never experienced your music like this before. The Ocean Wave projector speaker is a color-changing light projector that calms you with water patterns in a dark room. It's also got a mini speaker that you can use to play your favorite music, as well as the built-in nature sounds, and it comes with a convenient remote control.


Alter Your Mood And Relaxation Levels With Essential Oils

Synergy Blends Essential Oils, $35, Amazon

If you haven't yet studied up on the benefits of essential oils, you're missing out. This Synergy Blends essential oils set comes with six 100-percent pure and therapeutic-grade bottles that help with everything from easy breathing to a good night's sleep. It's one of the most trusted brands among reviewers, and they work wonderfully in conjunction with your diffuser or when placed directly onto your skin.


Two Screen-Free Relaxation Activities In One

Color Your Own Puzzle, $15, Amazon

If Facebook and Twitter are stressing you out more than usual, hop off your computer and chill out another way. With two awesome relaxation activities in one, this Color Your Own Puzzle is an intricate 300-piece mandala design for an unwinding activity after work that doesn't involve staring at a screen. Then, once you've put it all together, you can color your way to calmness with its 10 included markers.


Bring The Sound Of Peace Everywhere With You

White Noise Sound Machine, $33, Amazon

Whether you're working or trying to sleep, doctors say that white noise can relax and calm the mind by creating a steady sound that masks distractions. This white noise sound machine comes preprogrammed with eight sleep sounds (rain, bird, brook, ocean, white noise, thunderstorm, and two lullabies) that help ease you into a zen state of mind. It's also got a clock, a sleep timer, volume control, and a USB plug.


Wear The Benefits Of Your Favorite Essential Oils

Coral Bliss Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace, $30, Amazon

For a gorgeous pick-me-up that you can wear anywhere, there's this Coral Bliss essential oil diffuser necklace. It's a stainless steel hypoallergenic locket with a leakproof reusable pad inside. Simply soak the pad in your favorite essential oil and breathe in the relaxing benefits all day long.


This Guided Morning Journal That Uses Minimalism And Positive Psychology

The Sunrise Manifesto Guided Journal, $25, Amazon

10 minutes isn't a very big daily commitment, and the Sunrise Manifesto guided journal helps you make the most of it. It's filled with simple prompts that help you start your morning off right, so you can achieve productivity as well as better overall well-being. It's based on the combination of minimalism and positive psychology, so you can incorporate simplicity and happiness into your daily schedule.


Wrap Yourself In Warmth And Lavender

Happy Wraps Herbal Neck Wrap, $20, Amazon

Not only can you throw this Happy Wraps herbal neck wrap in the microwave anytime you need some relaxing heat, it's also infused with real lavender to calm your body and mind. It also comes with an eye pillow and sleep mask, and it's made with durable cotton and flax seeds for a safe, natural way to unwind.

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