12 Moments From Netflix's 'The Kissing Booth' That No One Can Stop Talking About

When the teen romance movie The Kissing Booth first came out, it's unlikely that anyone involved expected the kind of enthusiastic reaction it ended up getting. Despite some negative critical reception, the high school rom-com has become the surprise hit of Netflix and obsessed over by fans from all corners of the world and in every age group. These are just 12 Kissing Booth moments that people can't stop talking about — really, the film is full of scenes that have caused viewers to totally freak out.

Based on 15-year old Beth Reekle's Wattpad-published story, The Kissing Booth has become, as Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos told the L.A. Times, "one of the most-watched movies in the country, and maybe in the world.” The power of on-screen romance even broke through to real life when stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi began dating (they're still together, though they've become a little more publicity-shy).

Clearly, people are flocking to this movie, even if it's not exactly Oscar-worthy material. But hey, cheesy's not always bad, as fans genuinely enjoy The Kissing Booth indulging in all the classic rom-com stereotypes; there's a good girl who falls for a bad boy, a forbidden romance, one special woman who can tame a guy, passion expressed through jealousy, and of course, love winning the day. But it's the movie's oddball moments that have truly endeared it to viewers, with raunchier scenes and dialogue setting The Kissing Booth apart from typical teen fare.


That First Kiss

The friend-concocted fundraiser that sets the entire movie in motion, the titular Kissing Booth is where Elle and Noah first express feelings they don't even quite realize they have yet.


Best Friendship In Action

While the movie focuses on Elle and Noah's romance (expressly forbidden by best-friend-rules #9 and #10), Elle's best friend (and Noah's younger brother) Lee gets a chance to show just why they're actually BFFs with support and good advice.


Boob Positivity

It wouldn't be a teen rom-com without some body awkwardness, and in this case the debate over whether Elle's boobs are worth a busted nose gets a little more attention than she expected.


Double Entendre

Elle's well aware of Noah's many, many flaws (he's smug, a player, and overly aggressive), but you can't argue away the truth of a solid backside.


Asking For What, Exactly?

While Elle does call Noah out on his very un-woke thinking moments later, the fact Elle does end up in detention for her outfit has many critics of the film crying foul.


Romance During Magic Hour

This isn't a specific moment, but definitely a full-film vibe. Shooting during magic hour near the ocean set the scene for one of the year's most popular romances.


This Is Why Honesty Is The Best Policy

The freedom of best friendship is truly not worrying about saying anything, but this oversteps even some of those bounds.


But Who Could Resist The Delicious Taste Of Snacks?

The movie's littered with touches too weird to not feel like an actual teen came up with them.



Lee's major rule about Elle not dating his brother makes some sense — his brother gets all the attention and ladies, and Lee's friendship with Elle is the one thing Noah doesn't have. But of all the possible ways to phrase this insecurity...


Strong Ladies, Strong Crush

The odd conflation of conquest and desire aside, Noah at least appreciates that someone seems immune to his charms.


Definitely Not Best Friend Behavior

Yeah, we're all already aware of Lee's insecurities, but in and out of context, this one is too creepy to not remark on.


Kissing Booth Magic

Fortunately for everyone, love does indeed triumph, as Elle and Noah admit their love and come clean about their relationship. Noah's off to college and while the future might be uncertain, at least they get to enjoy the moment.

Fans have already clamored for a sequel to the surprise success, and with the The Kissing Booth defying all expectations, they just might get it. In the meantime, audiences can re-watch the film's most memorable moments again and again on Netflix