12 Things Only Excessive Sweaters Will Understand

Sometimes, our bodies refuse to cooperate with us — like when our legs simply won't take another step while out on a run, or when we let out one of those shockingly loud sneezes that only seem to occur when the entire office is completely silent. Though it’s tough to admit and even understand at times, our bodies are usually reacting in ways meant to protect us. (Think about it: Our legs may be shutting down to prevent us from overexerting ourselves; when we sneeze, we're clearing the nasal passages of bacteria and viruses). Yet there is no body betrayal quite like excessive sweating. In fact, whenever I find myself drenched in my own dampness — I’m not afraid to paint an uncomfortable picture for you! — I find myself questioning if karma is real, and if it is, just what I did to deserve this.

The good news is, once I start thinking about situation rationally, I realized that sometimes excessive sweating happens for literally no reason at all. Fortunately, I know others can sympathize. Hyperhidrosis, or a skin condition in which excessive sweating occurs regardless of the weather, stress, or other outliers, affects roughly 15.3 million Americans. If you suffer from excessive sweating, know you're not alone! To prove it, we teamed up with Dermira to round up a list of 12 things only super-sweaty people understand.

1. You Sweat All the Time

Bonninstudio / Westend61

Not just when it’s 90 degrees out, and not just after you work out. All. The. Time.

2. An “Outbreak” Could Happen At Any Moment

There’s no rhyme or reason to your perspiration schedule, which means you always need to be prepared.

3. You Never Go Anywhere Without Blotting Papers

Speaking of being prepared, you never go anywhere without blotting papers or some kind of face-blotting tool, tissues, baby powder, anti-perspirant, and a face mist.

4. Sweat Doesn’t Always Smell

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Especially when you’re sweating "just because."

5. But You Can’t Exactly Hide It

From brow sweat to seat marks left on your chair, the evidence is everywhere.

6. It Doesn’t Matter What Season Is Currently In Rotation

Because for you, the forecast is always wet.

7. Everything You Own Is Dark And Lightweight

Marryam Lum

Wearing a light colored shirt is just like asking for unwanted attention — and the rare, but real questions of concern: “Are you okay?!”

8. People Are Constantly Asking If You Just Came From The Gym….

To which you respond, “Aw, shucks. Thanks for noticing!”

9. ...Or If It’s Raining Outside

It’s not, but they don’t need to know that.

10. You Avoid Unnecessary Body Contact

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Clammy hands and damp backs make for awkward handshakes and hugs.

11. Crowded Areas Are Your Nightmare

From the subway to the nightclub, you just aren’t here for it. The good news is, you can chalk it up to being introverted!

12. You Take Comfort In Knowing Everybody Sweats!

Sweating sucks, but it happens to everyone. Talk to your doctor about your options, including hyperhidrosis. Who knows — your days of clammy hands and sweat stains could be numbered!

This post is sponsored by Dermira.