Unique Bookshelves To Help You Create The Home Library Of Your Dreams

by Julia Seales

Ever since I saw the beast’s library in Beauty and the Beast as a child, I have been obsessed with the idea of one day having a gorgeous home library. Of course, that's not really possible for me right now, so instead, I live out my fantasy by buying beautiful bookshelves to add some literary fun to my space.

Before the age of Instagram I could only imagine how beautiful other libraries were, or admire the shelves I saw in movies. Now, book-lovers everywhere can share photos of their shelves that will inspire other readers.

Reading a book is a lovely experience, whether you’re reading on a Kindle or nook or listening to an audiobook. But there’s something unique about having a hard copy with a beautiful cover and a decorative spine, flipping through the thick pages, and then placing the book on a carefully chosen spot on your shelf after reading. We all have a different system for organizing our shelves. Personally, I place all my favorites on the top shelf, so they get a special place in my heart and in my library.

No matter your organization style, every reader can appreciate a beautiful shelf. Here are some that you can purchase to organize your lovely collection.

A Floating Bookshelf

VintageThemes on Etsy

This simple shelf makes it appear as though your books are floating in midair. After all, books are magical.

Floating Bookshelf, $20, VintageThemes on Etsy

Industrial Shelf

AllOverABoard on Etsy

This modern-looking industrial piping shelf is perfect for those readers who have an extensive collection. It's chic but practical, because it will fit all those stacks of books that just can't fit on a "regular" person's tiny shelf.

Industrial Shelf, $750, AllOverABoard on Etsy

Reclaimed Wood Shelf

WickerhillWorkshop on Etsy

This lovely shelf, made from reclaimed wood, will display your books while also looking rustic and trendy.

Reclaimed Wood Shelf, $225, WickerhillWorkshop on Etsy


Here's another version of the floating shelf, but this one has Wonder Woman below, holding up your books.

Wondershelf, $31.50, ArtoriDesign on Etsy

Tree Shelf

BespOakInteriors on Etsy

If a book tree fell in the forest, how fast would you be there to collect all the book leaves? This shelf displays your books in a creative, forest-like way, and will add some nature to the indoors.

Tree Bookshelf, $824.91, BespOakInteriors on Etsy

Floating Geometric Shelf

Display your books in this modern, trendy geometric shelf — if you love organizing your books by color, this is the perfect shelf to test out color patterns with your book spines as well.

Floating Geometric Shelf, $54, RucheShelving on Etsy

Baroque Shelves

These baroque-inspired shelves add some other-era class to your wall, while framing the best work of art: books.

Baroque Shelves, $97, Graham and Green

Curved Bookshelf

If you just want a shelf that seems as if it came straight out of Alice in Wonderland (or perhaps Dr. Seuss), this curvy wooden shelf will certainly fit the bill.

Curved Bookshelf, $899, WoodCurve on Etsy

Wooden Book Rack

This custom book rack is made to order (in Reykjavík, Iceland) and the pins double as bookmarks. Plus, the sellers plant a tree for each item sold, so you really can't go wrong with this lovely and innovative shelf.

Wooden Book Rack, $230, AGUSTAVfurniture on Etsy

Bookshelf Sling

ashandmedesigns on Etsy

Display your art books, comics, picture books, and more in a decorative fabric bookshelf sling.

Bookshelf Sling, $20, ashandmedesigns on Etsy

Steamer Trunk


If you're a Harry Potter fan, you can channel the Gryffindor Common Room by storing your books in a classic steamer trunk at the foot of your bed. It's the perfect shelf system for when you inevitably fill up all your shelves.

Steamer Trunk, $117.99, Wayfair

Tardis Bookshelf

HallowoodDesigns on Etsy

The TARDIS can take you anywhere, and so can books... so it makes perfect sense to store your books inside.

Tardis Bookshelf, $2000, HallowoodDesigns on Etsy