12 Unique Dips From Trader Joe's That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Life

Dip is a seriously underrated delicacy. Reduced in the minds of many to a goopy addition kids eat with their carrot sticks, dip actually has far more to offer than it gets credit for. How many foods can serve as either a meal, or an accessory to one? Plus, nothing compares in terms of versatility. Dips can be hot or cold, creamy or thin, salty, savory, sweet, or any glorious combination of the three. So next time you're looking to add an extra layer of flavor and pizazz to your dish, consider one of these 12 amazing dips from Trader Joe's.

One of the best things about dip is how much can be done with it. Many can be used as sauces, spreads for sandwiches, or even salad dressings! The number of uses of a good dip can have is limitless. Just think about how much dips bring to the table (heh) during parties. Can you imagine watching a game with your friends without guacamole? How about a summer dinner party without hummus and veggies? Ever tried dipping apple slices in some caramel dip at the beginning of autumn? Unfathomable, am I right? If you're looking to branch out and find some more dips in your life, here are 12 so tasty they'll make you wanna shout "Dip, dip, hooray!"

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Products featuring mangoes is one of the things Trader Joe's does best, and this salsa is proof the fruit need not exclusively be eaten as dessert. Swap out traditional tomato salsa for this take on the classic to add a thread of summer to your dish.

Mediterranean Hummus

Trader Joe's devotees know the grocer offers quite a few varieties of hummus — so many that choosing just one can be kind of overwhelming. But the mediterranean hummus is by far the best. It's a staple in my house that my roommate and I have been known to eat with our fingers at odd hours (I don't necessarily recommend this). Pair with veggies or pita chips.

Harissa Salsa

The unlikely pairing adds a unique heat to traditional chunky tomato salsa. It's the perfect accompaniment for tortilla or pita chips alike.

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower & Onion Dip

This dip is like if queso met onion dip, fell in love, and had a warm, rich, flavorful baby. It's a holiday special at Trader Joe's, but since it's frozen you can stock up for the rest of the year.

Fire Roasted Tomato Cranberry Salsa

Mixing sweet with savory is a precise art, and this salsa walks the line with perfect precision. Add it to your Thanksgiving table for a festive take on cranberry sauce.


Tzatziki is the tangy dip you've eaten on gyros, but couldn't place what that spice flavor was (it's dill). TJ's version is crisp and fresh-tasting, and the perfect accompaniment to salmon and salads alike.

Artichoke Jalepeño Dip

The base of greek yogurt and neufchâtel cheese balances the heat of the jalepeños and tanginess of the artichokes in this dip. Pair with veggies for a more sophisticated crudité.

Corn and Chili Salsa

This salsa is wild. It has corn, chilis, red pepper, onion, and a subtle spiciness, but NO TOMATOES! Since tomatoes are quite literally my favorite food it pains me to say this, but with this salsa you don't even miss them.

Chipotle Black Bean Dip

The bean variety is perhaps the old standby when it comes to dips, and this one is much-needed update on the old classic. Add it to your seven-layer dip during your next championship party.

Pub Cheese

Cheese is love. Cheese is life. The only thing that makes cheese better is adding it to a cracker. The best way to go about doing this is to spread it. Bring the bar to your basement with this pub cheese.

Fall Harvest Salsa

When you think salsa, you probably don't think of squash, apples, or pumpkin. Allow this autumnal salsa to change that.

Zhoug Sauce

The most recent of additions to Trader Joe's dips is its Zhoug Sauce, a popular cilantro-based spread in the Middle East. This one's best served with veggies and pita, according to TJ's, but the weak of tastebuds should beware — they aren't kidding about how spicy it is!