12 Weird But Brilliant Things Trending On Pinterest

I love Pinterest. It's the site that I visit when I'm brainstorming ideas, planning my next big adventure, looking for a quote for my Instagram caption, or sometimes to shop. There are so many weird but brilliant things that are trending on Pinterest right now, and the trending page is my favorite place to browse.

Plus, Pinterest is a great place to discover a new product that you probably would never have come across on your own. From different skin care products, to tech things, to organizational ideas, Pinterest has you covered. I won't lie: I love to browse articles about organization, and some of the hacks that people come up with are awesome. And if I'm going to try out a new beauty item, I like to read reviews, and Pinterest is a great source for finding them.

Some of the items I've Pinned for later range from memory cards with WiFi built in to them, to a luggage piece that you never actually have to unpack. The variety of weirdly genius items that you can find on Pinterest is endless, and I've rounded up a few to share with you.

Stay Organized While Traveling


ShelfPack Luggage, $348, Amazon

This whole concept is absolutely mind-blowing to me. I found this on Pinterest, and was mesmerized. As someone who travels a lot, this piece of luggage eliminates the need to unpack and then repack when you get to a destination. It's so brilliant: a luggage piece that turns into a closet (why didn't I think of that?). Users agree that it saves them time and energy and makes settling into a new place easier.

Maximize Closet Space


Wonder Hanger Closet Clothes Organizer, $11, Amazon

Cascading hangers are a lifesaver if you've got a small closet, which is likely why these are trending on Pinterest. They're perfect for dorm rooms, and the cascading hangers can really increase the amount of things you can hang. Each piece holds five items of clothing, but it only takes up the space of one. You can hang shirts, skirts, and pants with ease on these plastic, vertical hangers.

Make Delicious Juices At Home


Omega Slow Vertical Masticating Juicer, $200, Amazon

If you love juicing and taking wheatgrass shots, but you don't like spending a bunch of money on them, invest in a juicer that's picking up steam on Pinterest. Juices can be expensive, but if you learn how to make your own at home, you can save a lot of money. This juicer is great because it has an auto-cleaning system and a two-stage juicer system (that means that it'll get all of the juice out of your fruits and veggies).

Transfer Photos To Your Phone With A WiFi Enabled Memory Card


Eyefi Mobi 16GB Wi-Fi SDHC Card, $34, Amazon

I have one of these, and it's amazing. If you love photography, you need this in your life (and apparently the Pinterest community agrees). The WiFi on my camera is really finicky, so this SD card allows me to upload my photos just by connecting it to the app on my phone. Photos download in seconds, making it easy for me to choose which ones to post to my Instagram (or add to my post folder). It comes with an activation code, so you can pair to your device. It's super easy to set up, and you'll be just as obsessed with it as I am.

Keep Your Drawers Organized Like A Boss


MIU COLOR Drawer Organizer, $11, Amazon

I love to organize things, and I especially love to organize drawers. That may sound weird, but I get satisfaction out of having a clean space. And I need to get these drawer organizers Pinterest is obsessed with right now. This would make my whole underwear and sock drawer look so much prettier (it's currently a hot mess that I have to sift through each morning). The bamboo fabric is a great place to store your clothes in because it resists moths, moisture, and mold. Your drawers will look so clean, Monica Geller will approve.

Revive Tired Eyes With A Cooling Balm


boscia Super Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm, $26, Sephora

Not many people want to wake up with swollen or puffy eyes. You can't always help that, though, so you may want a balm that will instantly help rejuvenate and smooth skin, while diminishing dark circles or bags. This Pinterest-popular balm is made with a seven-peptide complex, licorice root extract, and botanical oils that cool and hydrate skin. You can even use it for a pick-me-up mid-day as it's super blendable over makeup.

Display All Of Your Favorite Photos In An Interesting Way


Umbra Hangit Photo Display, $20, Amazon

I love to display all of the photos I have taken, as do the people of Pinterest. I'm a huge sucker for Polaroids (I literally have a box of over 1,000 from over the years), but I don't like to stick tape all over them. Using this photo display is a great alternative because you aren't actually sticking anything to the photo, you're just hanging them with clothespins.

The Ultimate Nightstand Accessory


Amazon Echo Dot, $40, Amazon

The Amazon Echo was such a big hit that they came up with a cheaper option, so you can have Alexa at your fingertips. The Echo Dot makes the ultimate nightstand accessory, according to Pinterest. It can connect to headphones or speakers over Bluetooth, and can be used as an alarm, a white noise machine, and a place to listen to the news or weather. You can also ask Alexa to order some food for you. Whatever you decide you need Alexa to do for you, you can do it with the tiny Echo Dot.

Make A Single Cup Of Coffee With The Push Of A Button


Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, $99, Amazon

Dorm living can be tough, but there are some Pinterest-recommended items that can make your life a bit easier. And if you love coffee and don't have a decent coffee place on campus (or you don't want to spend a fortune on it), a Keurig single serve is a great addition to your dorm room. It doesn't take up that much space and can brew the perfect single cup of coffee in seconds. It's easy to use, and there are so many flavor pods from which to choose.

Create A Beautiful, Bold Brow



I'm obsessed with filling in my brows. I won't go anywhere without them filled and over the years, I've come up with the perfect system. I use powder, but I've heard amazing things about soft-tipped pens, so when this one came up under Pinterest's beauty section, I had to find out more about it. After applying the color from the pen, it dries quickly for a natural, lush look. You can go heavy handed for a bold brow, or you can use it to fill in any spots you may have. Either way, I have to try this out.

Cook Up So Many Delicious Meals With A Pressure Cooker


Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, $120, Amazon

As Pinterest says, "You just bought an Instant Pot: Now What?" You can use them as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, to sauté, to make yogurt, as a steamer, and as a warmer. My friend makes this delicious Mexican chicken recipe, and my roommate and I used to make really good beef stew in college. I say that you should make a bunch of food at the beginning of the week (pop all of the ingredients inside this cooker, and then go do whatever you want for eight hours, and come home to a delicious meal), and eat the leftovers for days — because the food will be that good.

The Most Beautiful Shockproof iPhone Case


iPhone 7 Plus Case MOSNOVO, $15, Amazon

I haven't seen a pretty-looking shockproof and scratch-resistant iPhone case until now. The case has a shock-absorbing frame and a case that protects it from scratching. MOSNOVO makes some of the most adorable clear phone cases with patterns like ice cream cones, monkeys, elephants, macarons, make up tools, Star Wars, sushi, and Tortoro, and they're super popular on Pinterest. I kind of want every single one. Users say that it looks sturdy and protects their phones from damage.

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