These Yule Log Recipes Will Make You Forget All About Other Christmas Desserts
by Brittany Bennett

It may look like more of a baking show obstacle than an at-home achievable treat, but the Yule Log is possible in your own kitchen. Tis the season for sweets to bask in the culinary spotlight. With invitations for cookie swaps surely swirling through your inboxes, test out your other baking skills with these Yule Log recipes for Christmas 2017. You'll bring the unexpected to the office Holiday party and it will surely be memorable. Probably because it'll be the most Instagrammable item on the dessert table and therefore last in feeds ~forever~.

If you're unfamiliar with the cake, the Yule Log is a traditional sponge cake based delight served around Christmas. It's wrapped in thick frosting and when one side of the cake is cut off, a spiral is revealed. As a whole, decorated and served, it's fashioned to resemble the Yule Log itself. The presence of the cake, and the log, has become a symbol of Christmas. You know carols are about to go down when you see the cake served after a decent dinner round of roast chicken.

There are tons of options for flavor pairings when it comes to whipping up the Yule Log, so you're not stuck with only chocolate if you're the kind of person who makes everything eggnog flavored around this time of year. Thanks to recipe developing wizards there are plenty of delicious, modern ways to get the most out of this traditional treat. Who knows, you might gain so much confidence from baking one of these Yule Logs that we might see you on the next great baking show.

Tiramisu Yule Log Cake

If you're hesitant about starting with this cake, Nathasha's Kitchen practically holds your batter covered hands with step-by-step photograph instructions. And thankfully so because sometimes it takes pictures to believe that cake can be so flexible.

Eggnog Yule Log

BraveTart's tested way to roll up a crack free cake? Cover the cake in tin foil when it comes out of the oven to trap in the steam. Achieve this cake for the holiday season and you'll start wondering if there's a Pastry Chef inside of you.

Chocolate Peppermint Icebox Yule Log Cake

If the idea of rolling intimidates you, this take on the Yule Log cake by Joy the Baker will ease your worry. Why? Because this log is constructed of cookies.

Yule Log with Espresso Mascarpone Filling and Ganache Icing

This cake by Brown Eyed Baker will take you two hours to whip up from prep time to spreading the icing on your cake. Every forkful of rich chocolate and espresso flavor will make every second of its making worth it.

Healthy Cranberry Orange Yule Log

Cranberries are an often underestimated flavor of the winter season. They lend a welcomed tart taste to typically sweet cakes. And they pair especially well with orange making this Yule Log by The Healthy Foodie one to keep in the forefront of your recipe bin.

Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Filling

Admittedly not ~exactly~ a Yule Log cake recipe, the roll up cake has the basic elements to becoming fashioned into a Holiday cake. Mel's Kitchen Cafe offer an Autumnal flavor I'm sure nobody will complain about lasting all the way to December.

Red Velvet Roll Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Filling

Slicing into this red roll cake by Brown Eyed Baker will be so festive you'll be inspired to carol.

Yule Log Cake

Thanks to The Kitchn, the Yule Log cake appears attainable.

Gluten Free Buche de Noel

Dietary restrictions? No problem. Thanks to all purpose gluten free flour, xantham gum, and Gluten Free on a Shoestring, you get to enjoy a slice of the classic cake.

Raspberry Filled Jelly Roll

This recipe by Lana's Cooking is straight forward and so you should proceed with confidence. To style the fruit jam filled jelly roll into a holiday appropriate yule log, simply frost in a chocolate ganache and decorate with sugared cranberries and rosemary sprigs.

Blackberry Lemon Cake Roll

You might think of lemons as the fruit that keeps you refreshed under summer's relentless waves of heat, but citrus has a strong production season in the winter. If you need a break from the rich, delectable flavors typically being passed around the table this time of year, go with something a little lighter like this lemon roll by Natasha's Kitchen.

Poppyseed Cake Roll with Chocolate Ganache

This roll cake from Natasha's Kitchen is basically already a Yule Log cake. All you need to do is maybe add some meringue mushrooms for style.