13 Activities That Are Weirdly Illegal In Some Places

Every country has its norms that might seem odd to people who were not raised there. But, in some countries, these seemingly strange things are actually laws. Some activities that are weirdly illegal around the world include things like spraying silly string, stepping on money, owning more than two vibrators, forgetting your wife's birthday, and killing a Sasquatch or Bigfoot, you know, if you happen to stumble upon one during a hike.

In the United States, several states have laws that prohibit more than four women from living together, and other laws ban sex in an ambulance while it's responding during an emergency (so it's OK during other times?). These laws are so cooky that criminal justice experts from Olivet Nazarene University decided to explore the origins of some of these illegal activities. Kind of like the warning that advises you not to use your hair dryer in the shower, I can only assume that many exist because someone did something warrant the creation of a said law, like bite off another person's limb. Yes, this is against the law in Rhode Island.

Did you know that in Arizona it's illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub? Olivet Nazarene University reported that this law was put on the books in 1924 after a dam broke, flooding a rancher's farm and drowning his donkey, who was asleep in the bathtub. Here are some other weird laws from around the world that will leave you wondering, WTF.


It's Illegal To Frown In Milan, Italy

The website Why Go Italy published a list of the strangest laws in the land, including one in Milan that requires people to smile at all times unless they are at a hospital or funeral. Frowners could face a fine, which only leads to more frowning.


No Vacuuming At Night In Melbourne, Australia

This law is born out of the desire to reduce noise and not interfere with the health and wellbeing of your neighbors. Vacuuming after 10 p.m. is prohibited in Melbourne, Australia, as are things like noisy air conditioners, lawn mowers, loud music, and chainsaws.


Don't Pull A Pizza Prank In Louisiana

When I was a kid in the '90s, one of the most epic pranks to pull on someone you didn't like — or a random person from the phone book — was to have a pizza delivered to their house. During the pre-internet days you didn't pay for your pie until it was delivered, so doing this left the victim of your prank with a pizza, and the bill. Apparently this prank was so popular in Louisiana that a law was enacted in 1999 stating that people who sent unauthorized food deliveries to others could be fined $500, according to Olivet Nazarene University.


Winnie The Pooh Is Banned From Playgrounds In Tuszyn, Poland

If you've ever wondered why cartoon animals wear shirts but not pants, you're not alone. In Tuszyn, Poland, this is considered obscene, and because of his affinity for going pants-less, Winnie the Pooh was banned from playgrounds in the city in 2014y, according to newswire UPI.


Canadian Radio Stations Must Promote Canadian Musicians

According to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, one out of every five songs played on the radio in Canada must be by a Canadian musician. There are also rules for instrumental music, and oldies music, including the hours of the day the music should be played. Yes, Canada basically has its own playlist.


Don't Leave The House Without Underwear In Thailand

I'm curious as to how this law is enforced, but it is reported in several places that it's against the law to leave your house in Thailand if you are not wearing any underwear. According to the website Dumb Laws, you must also wear a shirt while driving a car.


Don't Pee In Your Neighbor's Mouth In Champaign, Illinois

If you have to pee really bad — like your-teeth-are-swimming bad — don't do it in your neighbor's mouth. Seriously. I know this is your go-to emergency pee spot, but if you're in Champaign, Illinois, peeing in your neighbor's mouth could land you in jail.


You Can't Walk Around Your Home In The Buff In Singapore

Multiple sources reported that it is illegal to walk around your own home naked in Singapore, especially if there is any chance you can be seen by others.


Don't Bring Your Bear To The Beach In Israel

Bears really love the beach! But, if you live in Israel, and you have a pet bear, don't bring it to the beach unless you want to risk a hefty fine.


In Michigan A Woman Must Get Her Husband's Permission For A Haircut

While this sexist law isn't enforced, according to Olivet Nazarene University, it's still on the books in Michigan. The origin of the law lies in the horrible notion that a woman is a man's property, and this extended to her hair. If a woman was unmarried, she needed permission from her father to cut her hair. If she didn't have either then I guess she just had really, really long hair.


It's Illegal To Share Your Netflix Password In Tennessee

This law is current. With so many Netflix-password vampires out there in cyberspace, Tennessee enacted this law in 2011, according to Olivet Nazarene University. The law was originally designed to thwart hackers who stole passwords and sold them in bulk, but it also applies to anyone who shares their password with someone who doesn't live under the same roof.


It's Illegal To Brush Your Teeth More Than Twice A Day In Russia

While multiple sources reported that it's illegal to brush your teeth more than twice a day in Russia, there is no information about the origin on this weird law, though some speculate that it may have been enacted before modern dental care. Brushing more than twice a day could possibly damage teeth.


Your Pickle Better Bounce In Connecticut

Olivet Nazarene University reported that a law from the 1800s in Connecticut required a pickle to pass a bounce test for it to be considered a pickle. Pickles that didn't bounce were not legally allowed to be called pickles, and that made them sad.