These AHCA Memes Put The Controversy On Full Display

Mark Makela/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The American Health Care Act has been the subject of controversy since it was first introduced in early March. The long-awaited Republican health care plan was supposed to be the answer the GOP has been waiting for to finally repeal and replace Obamacare. Spoiler Alert: It's not. The bill has received backlash from Democrats and Republicans alike, and it doesn't look like Paul Ryan and friends will secure enough votes by Friday to get it past the House. Basically, the plan is really, really unpopular. If you need further proof, these AHCA memes show just how negatively people view the bill.

A nonpartisan analysis by the Congressional Budget Office found that the proposed health care plan could cause up to 24 million Americans to lose their insurance coverage in the next decade. It also found that low-income, elderly Americans, the population that is most in need of insurance coverage, would have to pay the highest premiums, in some cases as much as half their salary. Needless to say, no Democrats are on board. And a lot of Republican leaders are saying "no deal" as well because they don't think the plan does enough to undo key aspects of Obamacare.

The House will be voting on the bill on Friday, following an ultimatum by President Trump to GOP leaders to either mobilize enough Republican support or forget about changing Obamacare. With over 30 Republican reps refusing to offer their support, according to a count by NBC News, the future of the AHCA is uncertain. But its unpopularity will be immortalized in these memes forever.


Whose bill is it anyway?

Tbh, I'm sure Ryan would love the credit. We all saw how proudly he presented that PowerPoint.


Basically A Workout

Sadly your bulging muscles can't carry the entire Republican party, Ryan.


Health care isn't for the old?

So savage that I'm completely forgiving the your/you're confusion.


Fully Covered

I thought puns were supposed to be whimsical.


Dynamic Duo

Who doesn't love a good Biden meme?


Lin-Manuel Miranda Lyrics Are Always Relevant

*sings along to Hamilton soundtrack*


Thrown Under The Bus

"It's not my health care plan."


A Fool-Proof Plan

Sounds simple enough.


Let Them Eat Cake

Gotta make the tough choices.


Betrayed Voters

Add "taco trucks on every corner" to the pile.


Out With The Old, In With The New

It's just not the same.


Obamacare Lite

Paul Rand might be proud of this one, seeing as he helped coin the term "Obamacare Lite."



You say potato, I say potato.

Overall it seems Paul Ryan is bearing the brunt of the criticism for the controversial health care plan, and he'll likely receive much of the censure from the Trump Administration if it fails to pass the House on Friday. If the Republicans don't get their ish together — and soon — they may be stuck with another four years of Obamacare. If the Republicans do continue fighting against the Affordable Care Act, given how dysfunctional their efforts have been so far, at least we'll have some entertaining memes to look forward to.