13 Books About Unrequited Love, Because It's The Perfect Time For A Heart-Wrenching Romance

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If you’re sick of hearing about Valentine’s Day by now, believe me — you are not alone. From the moment all those stuffed snowmen and red-nosed reindeer were replaced with giant, heart-shaped chocolate boxes on my favorite convenience store’s shelves, I’ve been ready to move on to a different time of year altogether. Preferably one with more sunshine and less snow. It’s not that I’m not feeling the love this year, it’s just that I’d rather take my love with a little less glitter, maybe fewer twinkle lights. And that’s why these books about unrequited love — filled with all kinds of achy, melancholy heartbreak — are landing at the top of my TBR pile this Valentine’s Day.

As book lovers know, some of the greatest novels of all time feature stories of unrequited love: the longing, the heartache, the distraction of loving someone who cannot or will not ever love you back, the lengths one will go to move on from a love that simply cannot be. It’s a feeling that most of us, on some level, can relate to — and it’s a feeling that, once felt, isn’t ever totally forgotten. Perhaps that’s why so many stories of unrequited love have endured over time.

Here are 13 books about unrequited love — perfect for anyone who is vibing heartbreak (or, still channeling their inner-Ebenezer Scrooge from the previous holiday season) this Valentine’s Day.