13 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Moments Fans Can't Stop Talking About


This past Halloween season, Netflix decided to outdo itself by releasing a ton of new horror content. From original movies like Malevolent and Apostle, to a handful of spooky TV shows like The Haunting of Hill House and Haunted, there weren't many flops to be found. One of the most highly-anticipated releases was Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the series did not disappoint once it graced screens. In addition to earning strong reviews, the show seemed to captivate countless fans and led to some majorly talked-about moments.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (CAOS) follows teenage Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch and half-mortal trying to balance those sides of herself while being pressured to embrace just one. The show is based off of the comic books of the same name from Archie Horror first published in 2014 (an off-shoot of Archie Comics, which created the characters seen in Riverdale), which in turn are based off the beloved '90s show, Sabrina The Teenage Witch (also based on Archie comics from the '70s).

With so many versions of the same characters, it can be tricky to keep track, but the new Netflix original series is a bewitching treat. And it's full of so many great moments that will make you want to watch the show again and again. Spoilers ahead.

1. When Sabrina Brings Tommy Kinkle Back From The Dead

Sabrina often doesn't care for rules or boundaries, and the time when she brings Harvey's brother back, messing with necromancy, is a big example. Not only is it playing with the darkest of arts, it's basically forbidden. Plus, it does not end well at all, and Ambrose is the maddest he's ever been.

For some people, Little Miss Spellman seems to be getting a little too big for her witches, I mean britches, but for others, this act just seems like an expression of her ultimate power. Go queen!

2. Any Time The Blurry Camera Effect Is Used

Some of the background and overall cinematography of the show is a bit... different than normal. Of course, this series is anything but normal, so it makes sense. But the blurry edges are a bit jarring for some fans, while for others, it's inspiration for some good memes.

3. When The Dark Lord Is Introduced For The First Time

The very first time the Dark Lord is introduced, it's shrouded in evil. His appearance is incredibly eerie, not to mention reminiscent of another famous Dark Lord.

4. When Sabrina Runs Off During Her Dark Baptism

Due to being raised in the mortal world because she's half human, Sabrina is initially reluctant to sign the Dark Lord's book. Then, in Episode 2, when it actually goes down, she realizes that her free will will ultimately be stripped of her when it comes to Satan's wishes, so she runs.

5. When She Does Sign The Book

Although it may not be entirely her choice, Sabrina does end up signing the Devil's book. It completely changes her character, and her friends are left wondering if they've lost her for good. While a sad moment, it's also a great time for meme-ing it up.

6. When Sabrina Asks Harvey To Search Her For A "Birthmark"

While some fans see him as bland and whiney, others (and Sabrina) are in love with not only Harvey, but also the bond he has with 'Brina. The two share some romantic scenes, including when she asks him to help her look for her witch's mark, which she tells him is a birthmark and super important for her to find. And since it can be anywhere on her body, they have to be thorough (wink, wink).

7. When Harvey Says He Would Risk It All For Sabrina

When coming up with a theoretical situation that mirrors her dilemma of choosing her witch self over her mortal one, Sabrina asks Harvey if he'd give up everything to be a superhero, which included flying. He, of course, gives a perfect answer that has many fans dying (including Sabrina).

8. When Roz Fights For What's Right

There are many times when Roz fights for good and just causes. One time in particular is when she goes up against the school for banning a slew of books, one being The Bluest Eye, a Toni Morrison classic. The audiences learns that part of her push to do this is because she wants to read as many novels as possible because she's losing her sight, which makes her actions sadder but just as heroic.

9. When Sabrina Expresses Her Wish For Autonomy

After scaring the bullies in the school almost to death, Sabrina learns about the controlling power of the Dark Lord from the weird sisters, despite Father Blackwood having previously told her free will would be possible under the Path of Night. Not only does this moment show the lengths the church is willing to go to to get Sabrina to sign, but it also leads to a great one-liner. "He's a man, isn't he?" should be your mood for the rest of the year.

10. When Ms. Wardwell Makes This Feminist Statement

Despite being possessed, the new, more satanic version of Ms. Wardwell is highly entertaining, especially when she makes feminist statements like this.

11. When Prudence Shows Her True Self

Prudence is bad but oh-so-good at the same time. When she's picked to be Queen of The Feast, destined to die, Sabrina becomes her handmaiden, set to wait on her hand and foot. Sabrina wants to go to school, and to entice Prudence, she mentions that there are many mortal boys to seduce and torture. The queen that she is is down for it.

12. When Cousin Ambrose And Luke Get Together

Ambrose Spellman, the dreamiest of warlocks, acts as a voice of reason for Sabrina. But he also has a story arc of his own, which includes him catching feelings for Luke, another warlock whose boyfriend recently died. When the guys hook up, you can't help but root for them.

13. Whenever A Riverdale Reference Is Made

As mentioned before, CAOS and Riverdale share a universe, including executive producers, so it only makes sense for them to have similarities. But it's revealed in the first few episodes of the new show that they're actually a town over form each other. There are plenty of other Easter eggs, too. But for those who aren't fans of Riverdale, the inevitable crossover is a nightmare waiting to happen.

If you haven't yet seen all of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this should convince you to check it out. Greendale is waiting to cast its spell over you.