13 Cute Pairs Of Rain Boots Under $50

Joern Pollex/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It might only be February, but it feels like spring is approaching quicker than ever (global warming, anyone?), so while you might normally be thinking about how much longer you'll be forced to put up with snow, your main concern these days might be finding cute rain boots under $50, because I predict there is a lot more rain in our future.

When it comes to rain boots, there are so many styles to choose from. You can get your classic rain boots, like the wellies Kate Moss made famous back in 2005 when she wore them with cutoff shorts to the Glastonbury music festival. There are chelsea rain boots that are so subtle in design that you might not even realize they're rain boots. And then there are really bright patterned rain boots that make gloomy rainy days a little more fun. And the best part is that they all keep you dry.

The nice thing about rain boots is that you can pretty much wear them anywhere if there's a little water on the ground. I usually change out of my rain boots when I get to work, but if you don't have a strict dress code, you could possibly even get away with them at the office. No one likes having wet feet, after all.

So without further ado, here are 13 pairs of rain boots under $50 that you'll totally want in your closet this spring.

1. These Classic Green Rain Boots


London Fog Thames Rain Boot, $30, Amazon

Channel your inner Kate Moss with these simple rain boots and a pair of cutoffs. It looks cooler than it sounds.

2. These Quirky Whale Ones


Western Chief Women's Whale Print Rain Boots, $40, Target

Channel your inner child with these fun boots.

3. These Foldable Red Boots


Women's Pack-able Rain Boots, $25, Target

These fun red boots can fold up so you can more easily fit them in your suitcase or work bag.

4. These Traditional Yellow Boots

Haute Look

West Blvd Shoes Mid Calf Rain Boot, $30, Amazon

Remember that scene in Gilmore Girls where Lorelai gets Luke to order her boots because she'll look like the Morton salt girl? These are those boots.

5. These Subtle Chelsea Boots


Women's Alex Chelsea Rain Boots, $18, Amazon

I love these because you would never even know they're rain boots. Meaning you can wear them on sunny days too — more bang for your buck.

6. These Polka Dot Boots

Women's Navy Rubber Rain Boots, $38, Amazon

How cute and whimsical are these polka dot boots?

7. These Pretty Floral Boots


Women's Kalista Tall Rain Boots, $30, Target

It's like the embroidery trend, but for rain boots.

8. These Pink Rain Boots


Western Chief Classic Women's Tall Waterproof Rain Boots, $23, Amazon

The fabric lining will keep your feet warm and dry.

9. These Super Cool Lace Up Rain Boots


Dirty Laundry Roadie Butterfly Rainboot, $20, Amazon

Combat rain boots with a cool pattern? Don't mind if I do.

10. These Riding Rain Boots


London Fog Rider Rain Boot, $50, dsw

No one will even know these are rain boots with they're classic riding boot styling.

11. These Spring Appropriate Boots

Joules Welly Print Rain Boots, $59, Amazon

So pretty and springy.

12. These Short Plaid Rain Boots


Women's Short Ankle Rubber Rain Boots, $32, Amazon

How cute would these be with a leather jacket?

13. These Simple Gray Ones


Women's Classic Knee High Rain Boots, $38, Amazon

You'll be able to wear these all the time.