13 Disney Princess Hair & Makeup Tutorials For Halloween 2018

Jackie Wyers on YouTube

Halloween is *almost here* and I cannot contain my excitement. How could you not love a day dedicated to dressing up, tons of sweet treats, and scary movies? Plus, Oct. 31 is the perfect day to go all out: What better excuse is there to throw on an over-the-top-frock, get glammed up, and channel your inner Disney princess? Luckily, there are plenty of Disney princess hair and makeup tutorials out there, so you can ace your look in essentially no time at all.

Also, what's not to love about a Halloween costume that's chic, (almost) effortless, and ~nostalgic~? Besides, we all can't be IRL princesses like Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton (sigh), so these Disney princess tutorials are great plan B options when it comes to actually looking and feeling like royalty.

Don't fret if you're not the best at doing hair and makeup, because, same here. However, thanks to YouTube and countless other tutorial videos on the Internet, it's easier than ever to transform into your favorite Disney princess. The best part? There's no fairy godmother needed to transform you into a princess (sorry, not sorry): You can do it all on your own!

So whether you're a Snow White lover or more of a Cinderella fan at heart, there's a princess out there for everyone. All you'll need to transform into your favorite princess? A few makeup products and hair supplies.

Check out these 13 Disney Princess tutorial videos for some major Halloween inspiration.

1. Ariel

Jackie Wyers on YouTube

Make your debut on land (see what I did there?) with this stunning transformation. If only we could walk around in seashell bras everyday, though...

2. Belle

Jackie Wyers on YouTube

Killer cheekbones, gorgeous tousled locks, and a gorgeous gown make for a costume that's fit for a princess!

3. Cinderella

Autumn Sky Beauty on YouTube

Don't be like Cinderella and leave your shoes at the party, I beg of you.

4. Elsa

mayratouchofglam on YouTube

Channel your inner ice queen with a look that'll leave everyone ~frozen~.

5. Snow White

courtenay bes-green on YouTube

Whatever you do, don't eat a poisonous apple from an evil witch. Other than that, have a ball!

6. Rapunzel

dope2111 on YouTube

Have you always wanted to be Rapunzel, sans the super-long locks?Now's your chance.

7. Sleeping Beauty

Tahnee Harrison on YouTube

You wish you could sleep your way through that boring party, but you can't. So why not turn yourself into Sleeping Beauty instead?

8. Merida

Nikole Jackson on YouTube

There's better way to rock your natural curls than by channeling badass Merida.

9. Tiana

Lawrencia Lovette on YouTube

Please don't kiss any frogs on Halloween. And if you just so happen to, it can be our little secret-- I promise.

10. Mulan

Connie Wang on YouTube

What could be more chic than cheeks blushed to perfection and a killer cat eye? Slay away, Mulan!

11. Jane

Rachel Hey on YouTube

I know she's not technically a Disney princess, but she is queen of the jungle, so she basically is royalty, right?

No matter which look you choose to rock on Halloween night, I guarantee you'll look as enchanted as ever. Here's to hoping that Prince Charming makes an appearance, too.