13 Easy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Blue Bunny

There's really no reason to make a big to-do over Valentine's Day, which is why easy Valentine's Day gift ideas are sometimes for the best. With everything going on right now, it might just feel too hard to take the time to plan something really special — even if you really want to. So if you're feeling conflicted about wanting to celebrate Valentine's Day, but also wanting to put your attention towards other causes, you'll want to know about some of these super easy gift ideas that are really just a click away.

So that you don't have to stress and spend hours combing through retails sites and boutiques, I've put together a list of simple gifts that are sure to make your loved one feel special, but won't take too much of your time to coordinate. It's hard to ignore the chaotic state of things right now — that said, it's always nice to find an excuse to put your energy towards spreading love. We all desperately need some loving right now.

Often we feel the need to make grand gestures in order to prove our feelings, and while sometimes larger than life is just right, other times a simple and straight to the point action is just right. Here are a few ideas for just those kinds of gifts:

Balloon Ceiling

Party City

Usable gifts are great, but being surprised by a room that looks like Kanye decorated for Kim is priceless. This is an easy purchase that will make a big impression.

Red Heart Balloon, $2, Party City

Spa Certificate

Spa Finder

An hour long massage or facial will always be a hit. Get your Valentine a gift certificate so they can go on their own time and so you can spend the day together.

Massage, $50, Spa Finder

Clicq Call

This bottle of Clicquot is not just delicious, it comes in a box that you can record a special audio message or song in. When your Valentine opens the box, it will totally surprise them.

Clicq Call, $58, Veuve Clicquot

Box Of Chocolate Remix

Blue Bunny

Instead of hard chocolates, gift a few flavors of chocolate ice cream and set up a mini DIY ice cream bar for your date — they definitely won't be expecting it.

Chocolate, $8, Blue Bunny

Delivery Ingredients

Green Chef

Instead of stressing about making those jam-packed dinner reservations, turn your kitchen into a restaurant by lighting some candles and play chef with your Valentine. Green Chef will send you all of the instructions and ingredients to make a delicious meal for two.

Dinner For Two, $12, Green Chef



This new chocolatier from Los Angeles has made a bar of chocolate that has been infused with Rose and rose petals. Talk about being an overachiever!

Compartes Rose & Rose Chocolate Bar, $9.95, Compartes Chocolate

Succulent Plant

Pro Flowers

Skip the roses this year and go for something that will last a little longer — but that's also in a cute pink vase!

Pink & Gold Succulent Garden, $40, Pro Flowers

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Shari's Berries

Go old school this Valentine's Day and get that storybook classic romance gift with these yummy chocolate berries.

Full Dipped Dozen, $35, Shari's Berries



Whether your Valentine has a gallery wall that's in need of an addition or doesn't have anything on their walls, they're going to be really happy to receive a gift that they can stare at forever.

Colorful Expression IV, $9,


Katonah Yoga

With all the chaos happening around us, it's easy to forget that the mind and body are one. There's no better way to connect with your partner than to stop everything, loosen up and stretch it out in a evening yoga class.

All Levels, $20, Katonah Yoga

Body Oil

Ayla Beauty

Give it as a personal gift, or give it with the intentions of giving a massage. This organic and all-natural oil smells delicious and is so good for your skin.

Jiva-Apoha Body Oil - Parutka, $45, Ayla Beauty

Artisanal Candle


Don't just get your Valentine any candle, get a high quality, hand crafted candle with a message about love from Italy. It's more than a candle, it's home decor as well.

Love Candle, $42, Coreterno

An Adventure

If Only

Pick an adventure that's right for the two of you, sign up, check out and show up when your adventure begins. This website makes couple adventures super easy to organize and you'll find yourself bonding over an activity you never dreamed of doing.

Workshop For Couples, Price Varies, If Only