17 Memes About Families & The Holidays That’ll Make You Go “It Me”

by Chelsey Grasso
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The holidays are here! And because they're here, you're going to need these 13 family memes for the holidays to help get you through them. Why? Because as awesome as your family is, you know that you're probably not going to last more than 24 hours with them before somebody starts yelling, crying, or throwing things. Ah, families. Aren't they nature's greatest invention?

Why is it that no matter how much you love your family, it's inevitable that there will be some sort of argument over the Christmas dinner table, some hurt feelings over returned holiday gifts, and some passive aggressive words exchanged after a few boozy drinks? That's just the way families work, I guess — at least, according to these memes.

If you're in need of a good laugh this holiday season (and if your family is anything like mine, you will be...), then turn to these 13 family memes. From the father that insists you need to be having a good time to the aunt who posts sassy statuses about your mother on Facebook, you'll see all the family drama there is to be had during the holidays in these memes below.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Not finding any of these memes relatable? Well then, you're one of the lucky ones. As for the rest of us, scroll down and prepare yourselves for the holidays ahead! Families are weird things.

You know he's right. Family is great, until you have to spend more than 24 hours with them.

Just keep quiet and enjoy the show. It's one thing to watch, and it's an entirely other thing to partake.

That's just the way it is. Include step-family members and extended relatives in the mix, and it's all downhill.

Things always start out civil enough...

It's pretty much inevitable. Prepare yourselves. And by prepare yourselves, I mean, get ready to screamed at during Christmas dinner (if you last that long).

Isn't this exactly what every matriarch is thinking when her family sits down together at Christmas dinner after imbibing too many rum and eggnog concoctions?

And it doesn't take that long to remember, does it? Siblings are a good time, until you revert back into your childhood selves and start fighting for your parents' attention.

And you know what? It still kind of feels that way when you're visiting home for the holidays, doesn't it?

It certainly doesn't get more entertaining than this. Start shooting some video, you know this family reunion could totally go viral.

Busted. It's OK though. Family members can be a real pain sometimes. Did you have to go and broadcast it on Facebook? Probably not. But it's OK.

Pick your poison. True, it's probably not going to make the situation any better (in fact it'll probably make the situation worse). But you know what? I'm not judging.

Does mom really need an Instagram? Don't think so. Is she going to nag you about it until you help her make one? Probably.

But before you do that, write it on a piece a paper and ask them how to pronounce it. Why does this never get old?

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