13 Feminist Wedding Gift Ideas If You Need To Go Off-Registry

Wedding season can make you feel like you've plunged back into the 1950s. Pink-swathed bachelorette parties, weirdly sexist traditions that everyone seems to have no issue with — even if the couple in question is the most progressive in your circle, it's inevitable that some cringeworthy trope or another is going to come out. But a deftly-chosen feminist wedding gift can help counteract some of that, even if it's off-registry, and give your favorite couple something to celebrate their union that commemorates who they are, in ways that help others. It will certainly make a change from yet another blender.

TBH, most of the weddings you're likely going to will celebrate couples who have already lived together before tying the not. Though they may already have all the stuff they *need* for their life together, it's totally understandable that they might use the opportunity to register for some badly-needed upgrades. Let their great-aunt Bertha buy them something off the registry, while you drop something truly thoughtful that they didn't know they needed (that also happens to be feminist AF).

There are many options that not only look awesome, but carry a feminist message, whether it's by supporting female artisans, donating to an equal rights organization, or declaring their feminist principles for everybody to see. There are a lot of great choices for feminist wedding gifts that will knock the socks off their recipients with their beauty. Just prepare for a really enthusiastic thank-you note.

1A Print For Inclusivity

Welcome All Print


This beautiful print emphasizes embracing everyone, which is somehow still a radical statement in 2018. It can set up their newly-wedded home as a safe space for all.

2Salad Tongs With A Purpose

Marra Serving Spoons

Raven + Lily

These gorgeous walnut spoons were carved by female Moroccan artisans, and 10 percent of the sales are donated to Project Soar, an after-school program devoted to educating Moroccan girls.

3These Intense Coasters

Grey Bone Coasters

Global Goods Partners

These tiles are made in India by female artisans using inlaid bone — celebrating the circle of life, in addition to being beautiful.

4Because Cake Is Everything

Cinnamon Rolls Not Gender Roles Mug

LadyPreneur Designs

Couple-themed gifts can seem weird when the couple involved isn't really into gender roles. So commemorate that with two of these cute pastry-over-patriarchy mugs.

5A Kitchen Upgrade

Culinary Celebration Cookbook Set

Prosperity Candle

Part of the profits from this cookbook go to the ACLU, and the candle that comes with it is made by Prosperity Candle's female artisans, all of whom are former refugees who now live in the U.S.

6Some Very Sohpisticated Glasses

Horn Whiskey Tumblers

Global Goods Partners

Ugandan artisans fashioned these glam tumblers from Ankole cow horn, which is great for sophisticated married mates.

7This Chic Vase

Gatagara Vase

Indego Africa

The Gatagara Pottery in Rwanda produced this vase, and it'll be a beautiful place to showcase all the wedding bouquets.

8A Donation In Their Name

Donation To The Campaign For Female Education (CAMFED)


Friends pull a Harry and Meghan, and asked for donations instead of gifts? Give a donation in their name to CAMFED, which supports keeping girls in school around the world.

9An Apron For Everyone

Everybody Belongs Apron

The Outrage

This delightful apron benefits the ACLU and challenges gender roles at the same time. Win-win. Get two if the couple is going to fight over it.

10Kitchenware With A Purpose

Measuring Spoon Set

Ten Thousand Villages

These measuring spoons were made by female artisans in the Vietnamese village of Bat Trang, which is famous for its ceramics. Ten Thousand Villages supports fair trade work all over the world, and your friends will finally get their cake measurements right.

11A Cookbook That Changes Lives

Share Cookbook

Women For Women International

The Share cookbook was made by charity Women For Women International to showcase the cooking skills of women around the world. All profits go to WFW, and there's even a foreword from Meryl Streep.

12Hot Sauces For The Happy Couple

Black Mamba Chilli Sauces

Global Girlfriend

Black Mamba sauces hail from Swaziland, where the company employs a host of female chilli makers to produce some truly stunning sauces. Not for any married couple that isn't prepared to experience serious heat.

13A Beautiful Basket

Starburst Basket

Women's Peace Collective

This basket, made by Mayan women in Guatemala, is made of the native wild grass pajon, and is environmentally friendly and beautiful. Perfect for couples who are in touch with their green side.

For your almost-married friends who already have everything, get them something they don't already have — and make it something that serves a double purpose. Mazel tov to you and yours.