13 Feminist Wedding Present Ideas To Celebrate Your Favorite Couple

by JR Thorpe

Wedding season can make you feel like you've plunged back into the 1950s. Pink-swathed bachelorette parties, weirdly sexist traditions that everyone seems to have no issue with — even if the couple in question is the most progressive in your circle, it's inevitable that some cringeworthy trope or another is going to come out. But a deftly-chosen feminist wedding gift can help counteract some of that, even if it's off-registry, and give your favorite couple something to celebrate their union that commemorates who they are, in ways that help others. It will certainly make a change from yet another blender.

TBH, most of the weddings you're likely going to will celebrate couples who have already lived together before tying the not. Though they may already have all the stuff they *need* for their life together, it's totally understandable that they might use the opportunity to register for some badly-needed upgrades. Let their great-aunt Bertha buy them something off the registry, while you drop something truly thoughtful that they didn't know they needed (that also happens to be feminist AF).

There are many options that not only look awesome, but carry a feminist message, whether it's by supporting female artisans, donating to an equal rights organization, or declaring their feminist principles for everybody to see. There are a lot of great choices for feminist wedding gifts that will knock the socks off their recipients with their beauty. Just prepare for a really enthusiastic thank-you note.


A Print For Inclusivity


Salad Tongs With A Purpose


Some Very Sohpisticated Glasses


A Cookbook That Changes Lives


Hot Sauces For The Happy Couple


For your almost-married friends who already have everything, get them something they don't already have — and make it something that serves a double purpose. Mazel tov to you and yours.