13 Harry Potter Ornaments To Deck Your Great Hall This Holiday Season

by E. Ce Miller

Though the haunting Halloween season has long given way to the winter holidays, true Potterheads know that Harry Potter love lasts all year long. All that Harry Potter love calls for some serious Harry Potter holiday decorating — and these fun and festive Harry Potter holiday ornaments are just the thing to trim your tree or deck your halls this holiday season. (After all, even though it is best known for its bewitching and ghostly residents, nobody decorates for Christmas like the folks at Hogwarts Castle. Don’t even get me started on Hogsmeade.)

Actually — let’s do talk about Hogsmeade. Because that charming snow globe of a setting somehow always looks like it’s taken straight off the front of a Hallmark holiday card. The snowy cobblestone streets; the cozy thatched-roofed cottages; the holly garlands lining neighborhood gates; the steaming mugs of butterbeer; Harry, Ron, and Hermione running around in their Gryffindor scarves — everything about it says holiday cheer.

So, whether you’re solidly representing your Hogwarts House (#RavenclawForever) or happy to spread any and all Harry Potter holiday cheer, check out these 14 Harry Potter holiday ornaments to deck your halls this holiday season, Hogwarts-style. The best part is: you don’t even have to travel all the way to Platform 9 ¾ to get them.

A Dangerous Game Sound Ornament

Straight out of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, this Hallmark ornament is inspired by the life-sized chess game that almost clobbered Ron. (In ornament-size though, of course.)

Harry Potter A Dangerous Game Sound Ornament, $25, Hallmark

Harry Potter Wood Slice Ornament

This hand-painted gem shows Harry wrapped up cozily in his Gryffindor scarf. I can almost taste the butterbeer from here.

Harry Potter Wood Slice Ornament, $10, Etsy

Harry Potter Resin Ornament

From Warner Brothers, this miniature hanging Harry is an adorable addition to your holiday trimmings. (They also have Hermione, Ron, and Hedwig!)

Ornament Resin Warner Brothers Harry Potter, $10, Barnes & Noble

Harry Potter House Baubles

Represent your Hogwarts House love — or celebrate all four! — with these bright Harry Potter House baubles.

Harry Potter House Baubles (4-pack), $4., Primark

Hogwarts Character Ornament

From The Universal Studios Store, this classic Christmas ornament features all the Harry Potter characters you love, plus the castle where they have most of their adventures.

Hogwarts Character Ornament, $22, The Universal Store

Ollivander's Wand Shop Ornament

If you've ever dreamed of visiting Ollivander's Wand Shop (I know I have) now you can do so in miniature.

Ollivander's Wand Shop Ornament, $25, ThinkGeek

Deathly Hallows "Always" Ornament

The moment that still leaves me in tears. Try not to cry all over your Christmas tree.

Deathly Hallows "Always" Ornament, $5, Etsy

The Hogwarts Shield and House Crests

These Hogwarts House Crests are another great way to let everyone know you're a Gryffindor (or a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin) this year.

The Hogwarts Shield and House Crests, $55, The Noble Collection

Wizard Wand Ornaments

Just remember, "it's Wing-gar-dium Levi-O-sa, not Levi-o-sA."

Wizard Wand Ornaments, $10, Etsy

Weasley Sweater Christmas Ornament

Another adorable Etsy find, this mini-sweater ornament would do Molly Weasley proud.

Harry Potter "Weasley Sweater" Christmas Ornament, $16, Etsy

The Sorting Hat Snow Globe

It won't scream your Hogwarts House assignment at the top of it's lungs, but it's still pretty festive.

The Sorting Hat Snow Globe, $25, The Universal Store

"I Swear I Am Up to No Good" Ornament

Just make good and sure you're on Santa's "Nice" list before hanging this one.

"I Swear I Am Up to No Good" Ornament, $6, Etsy

"All I Want for Christmas..." Hogwarts Pillow

Who says all your Harry Potter holiday love has to stay on the tree? Cozy up with this holiday Hogwarts Pillows, perfect for inspiring those visions of dancing sugar plums — or, you know, mugs of butterbeer.

"All I Want for Christmas..." Hogwarts Pillow, $20, Etsy