13 Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Treats That You’ll Fall Madly In Love With

Whether you’re ready to celebrate with a partner, or you're single and counting down the days until Galentine’s Day (which is, of course, the day before Valentine's Day, Feb. 13), there’s one thing that we can all celebrate — delicious, sweet, heart-shaped goodies. The more sugar, the better. And these heart-shaped Valentine’s Day treats are about to make you fall madly in love.

There are all sorts of treats and eats in this list, to the point where if you’re determined, I’m sure you could limit yourself to only eating heart-shaped foods all Valentine’s Day long. (Of course, Valentine's Day is the day to throw lavishly throw hearts in every corner of your world, so this doesn't strike me as a terrible idea.) So even if you’re throwing a party or not, these little treats are still worth all of the cooking and baking required. Personally, I have my eye on those Strawberry Glazed Donuts for my Valentine's Day morning…especially to pair with a delicious cup of coffee. Do you think I could find a mug that is heart-shaped? Wait, just did.

From dessert pies to pizza pies, cookies and cakes, this list is going to make you heart emoji the all over your screen. So pull out your sugar,your flower, and your heart-shaped sprinkles, because it’s time to bake the crap out of Valentine’s Day in 2017.

1. Chocolate-Dipped Rice Krispie

Mel's Kitchen

A twist by Mel’s Kitchen to your usual rice krispie treat – cut them into hearts, sprinkle with some love, and dip in chocolate!

2. Raspberry Pancakes

Not only are these pancakes by The Kitchn filled with some sweet raspberries, but they're also shaped into those cute little hearts!

3. Cake Pops


You’ll definitely have to get a cake pop shaper for these pops by Bakerella… but the cuteness factor is on point so I think it’s totally worth it!

4. Sandwich Cookies

Cookbook Queen

They're so cute, I'm gonna die! All your fault, Cookbook Queen (but not really, you’re amazing I love you).

5. Strawberry Coconut Milk Scones

Okay seriously, yum. These scones by How Sweet Eats are drizzled with strawberry goodness.

6. Roasted Grape Brie Toast

Jelly Toast Blog

For a savory treat, these Roasted Grape Brie Toast bites by Jelly Toast Blog are so freaking adorable. But also, you could toast bite anything for that matter…as long as they are heart-shaped!

7. Pizza

How Sweet Eats

How Sweet Eats bringing you the ultimate Valentine’s Day date: Pizza, in a heart. Wowza.

8. French Palmiers

The Kitchn

These French Palmiers by The Kitchn are so cute I could squeeze them! But not really because they look delicate, I’ll just eat all of them instead.

9. Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Brown Eyed Baker

I mean I love sugar cookies, but anything with chocolate is way better. So these cookies by Brown Eyed Baker will be a necessity.

10. Lemon Raspberry Pie Bites

Joy The Baker

Lemon and raspberry? I know someone who is absolutely going to love these (cough, me, cough). Thanks Joy The Baker!

11. Strawberry Glazed Donuts

Baked By Rachel

We already went over this – but heart shape donuts by Baked By Rachel paired with coffee in a heart shaped mug sound like, well, nothing less than perfection.

12. Glass Topper Cookies

Cookies and Cups

If you’re having a party and wanna get Pinterest AF, these little cookies by Cookies and Cups (hilarious how fitting with this is with the blog) are a perfect fit on top of a small jar of milk!

13. Mini Snack Cakes

The Merry Thought

These mini cakes by The Merry Thought will save you a trip to the store for your usual go-to snack cake treats… because you can make a bunch at home and eat way more than just two. Total and complete win.