13 Inspiring Memes For Women’s History Month

by Kiersten Hickman
Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In March of 1987, Congress passed resolutions for their “Women’s History Week” to become “Women’s History Month,” and to be honest, I think we need it now more than ever. A month to celebrate women’s accomplishments and the fight that women have continued to fight. In lieu of that, in the age of the Internet, one great way to rally together throughout the month and empower each other is to post and share on social media some inspiring women memes for Women's History Month.

Now I have to admit something to all of you, something that made me cringe deep in my soul — as I was searching for memes for this article, I was completely flabbergasted by the amount of meme generators out there that have atrociously sexist messages on them. After searching, and searching, I decided to get off those meme creator sites and look elsewhere. It took me a solid two hours to even find these.

Can I challenge all of you to something? Sure, these memes are great to share. But maybe during Women’s History Month we can take it upon ourselves to create more memes and messages that empower women, not tear them down. Let’s continue to post pieces of hope and boldness to stand up for what is right, and place them in dark corners of the Internet that desperately need that message. Who is with me?

These memes are a great place to get started. I hope they inspire you to continue creating content on the Internet that enriches our communities to deeply understanding the rights of women, and why Women’s History Month is incredibly important.


To quote Troy Bolton, "we're all in this together."

If you ever need a womanly icon to bring you hope, Leslie Knope is always, always, always the answer.

Call them out, people!!

This hit me hard! Your body is beautiful, love it for today, not tomorrow.

You are strong independent woman who don't need no one!

Remind your brovaries who the real boss is.

Crying because Beyoncé just always knows what to say.

Actually though. Be brave to say these things! Let your bestie know how strong they really are.

Just because "pain demands to be felt" (as written in Fault In Our Stars) doesn't mean you can't do something about it.

Because you are wildly more interesting, important, beautiful, original, and unique than anyone else you try to be instead.

Alright I know this isn't really a meme, but Rosa Parks is a symbolic Women's History Month icon. This quote will certainly pull you out of the trenches.

All of the yes.