13 Items Under $30 From Target That Will Change Your Space


When you think of upgrading your interior design game, you probably think of spending a lot of money. Often times, altering the appearance of a space comes with a hefty price tag. But the truth is, there are so many small and affordable changes you can make that have the power to transform an entire room. Here I've put together a list of items under $30 from Target that will change your space to prove my point. You don't need to break out all of the power tools or go ham on expensive furniture items to make a big difference.

To change the vibe of a room doesn't take as much sweat or money as you might think. With a little bit of creativity and selective planning, you can add a few items to a room that will completely inspire a new attitude. Sometimes it's just a lamp, sometimes it's just a rug, other times it's a mirror or blanket. Whatever it might be, try out a few inexpensive items and see how much of an impact they make on the space before you start going wild with design plans. It might sound dramatic to say that a throw pillow could change a room, but it's totally accurate. Here are a few of my transformative design picks from my favorite place on earth, Target.

Woven Rug

Decorative Pillow

Wall Decor

Faux Flowers

Framed Art

Fern Wallpaper

Pendant Light

Decorative Window Curtains

Marquee Letter

Throw Blanket

Decorative Serving Bowl

Printed Shower Curtain