11 Bookish Pillows To Make Your Reading Nook Ultra Cozy

by Kerri Jarema

With the holiday season behind us, January marks a slower time of year for many. Sure, you're starting to work hard on all of those 2018 goals and resolutions, but you also probably have a bit more downtime on your hands than you have in the past couple of months. And what are you going to do with all that downtime? Read, of course! But you need to get prepared. Picked out the best spot on your bed, sofa or reading chair? Good! Got a mug of tea, hot chocolate or some other warm beverage? Perfect. Layered up a favorite cozy blanket or two? Great! Stacked a few must-reads next to you. Of course you did. You're almost there.

But no reading cave would be complete without pillows. Yes, I'm talking multiples here. And because you should be saving the support of your nighttime pillows for sleep exclusively, you're going to need a few new ones. So you're going to take notes on the list below. There are 13 gorgeous bookish-inspired pillows for you to prop up, snuggle with, and get cozy with while you work through your TBR. With any one (or two or three) of these around, reading will be cozier than ever.

A Pillow With A Slogan That Might As Well Be Your About Me

'Folded Between the Pages of Books' Pillow, $30, Society 6

This gorgeously designed pillow combines floral accents and intricate typography with a bookish quote for the ages. If you're looking for something you'll want to cozy up with no matter the season, no matter the space (and no matter what fandom you're into at the moment) then this pillow is an obvious must-have.

A Magical Marauder's Map Pillow That Glows In The Dark

Marauder's Map Pillow, $49, PBteen

This Marauder's Map pillow will transform your reading space from mundane to magical. While the burgundy and gold design will go along with all of the Gryffindor decor you could ever hope to have, the insanely cool glow in the dark design will add a super unique touch to any reading chair or bed.

A Pillow That Indulges All Of Your Reading Impulses

'Just One More Chapter' Pillow, $18, Etsy

If you've never told yourself "Just one more chapter" at 2 a.m. on a weeknight, have you ever really read at all? This simply designed pillow will be a fluffy reminder that there's always time to turn a few more pages.

A Pillow That Will Transport You To Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland Throw Pillow, $22, Hot Topic

This pretty cameo silhouette of this Alice in Wonderland pillow will look gorgeous in any room, and the calming powder blue shade will have you breathing a sigh of comfort as you crack open the latest fantasy or fairytale read on your stack.

A Minimalist Throw That Will Go With Any Decor

The Picture of Dorian Gray Pillow, $29, Etsy

Maybe you're hesitant to add some bookish pillows to your arsenal because they just don't mesh with your minimalist lifestyle. But you probably won't be able to resist the classic Oscar Wilde pillow above. It's simple black and white style looks sophisticated, and it comes in title page or book page options (you can even choose to have one design on each side!) that will look great nestle among any style bedding.

A Personalized Library Card Pillow You'll Want To Keep Forever

Personalized Library Card Pillow, $65, Uncommon Goods

With this personalized pillow, the options are literally limitless. Want to add the names of your family and friends? Or what about the names of the entire Weasley family for a super unque HP pillow no one else will have? You do you, reader fam. Whatever you choose, this is one pillow you'll want to keep around for years of reading to come.

A Pillow That's Perfecting For Escaping The Real World

Books Because Reality Is Overrated Pillow Case, $15, Awesome Librarians

Maybe you've already got a pillow or two you love that you want to transform into bookish designs. This pillow case is the perfect option for you. It comes in a multitude of colors so it will match with whatever set-up you've got going on, and it's under $15 so you won't be breaking the bank to get a little literary.

An Inspirational Pillow For Reading Encouragement

Carpe Librum Pillow, $35, Etsy

We all need a daily reminder to seize life, and books, by the horns and make the most of our days...and TBR lists. So this pretty pillow is a no brainer to add to your shopping card. Old-fashioned script and scrabble tiles make for a great modern meets classic design that will be a stand-out addition to any room.

A Pop Art Shakespeare Pillow Of Millennial Pink Perfection

Yorkville As You Like It Pillow, $109, Kate Spade

If you're looking to make an investment in your literary themed throws, look no further than this super fancy Kate Spade take on Shakespearean comfort. With pretty script spelling out the titles of The Bard's comedies and millennial pink accents from envelopes to hearts, this pillow will become a fancy fixture in your home decor all year 'round.

A Pretty Pillow With A Not So Subtle Reminder

Go Read a Book Pillow, $45, Fab

Maybe your reading set-up has been used for more Netflix binges than page turning in the past, and you're looking for a way to change that. This pillow will probably do the trick. Not only will the bold design catch your eye all the time, it will be a constant reminder that you would probably rather be reading than rewatching Friends for the hundreth time.

A Pillow For Everyone Who Thinks Reading Is Magic

Books Are Magic Throw Pillow, $27, Redbubble

If you're such a lover of books and reading that you're even looking to make a special cozy space for yourself to read in, then you know this pillow is the one you need. The unique design features a Stephen King quote about the undeniable magic of books. It's a great way to keep that spirit close all year long.

A Pillow To Travel To A Magical World

Platform 9 3/4 Pillow, $27, PBteen

Maybe you can't travel to Hogwarts in real life, but this throw pillow will help you journey to the wizarding world in your sleep.

A Pillow For People Who Take Their Reading Super Seriously

Professional Bookworm Pillow, $30, Society6

Do you run a book blog or bookstagram account? Or do you just take your reading super seriously? Either way, you are more than qualified to call yourself a professional bookworm, and you should have a pillow to match the title.