13 Memes & Tweets About 2016 That Show How Much Everyone Is Looking Forward To 2017

Well, 2016 sure has been something, hasn't it? The overall craziness has a lot of people feeling overwhelmed — or at least counting down until 2017. For some, the election alone provided feelings of despair that have been difficult to shake. To put it lightly, it's been a tough year, and with 2017 creeping up, it seems like people are certainly thankful 2016 is almost over.

In this year alone, there were multiple terrorist attacks across the world, a historic election occurred, there was a Zika virus outbreak, and a handful of legendary celebrities and artists died. Honestly, with all of the bad things that have happened, it's difficult at times to remember the moments of positivity that graced 2016.

But when it comes down to it, sometimes you need to take a good, hard look at the bad to appreciate the good, or to think about how far you've come. And as the internet has proven time and again as a record keeper for all of us, there's one foolproof way to lightheartedly work through your feelings with like-minded people: by making a meme and sharing it with your friends. Here, I've rounded up the best memes from people who are very excited to see 2016 end and witness 2017 begin.

1. When Harry Potter Captured Our Feelings

2. Sometimes, We Just Couldn't Win

3. At Least 2016 Will Be Good For The Stories

4. It Had To Be Said

5. When It's December And Your Powers Are Drained

6. You Can No Longer Put Out Every Fire

7. Sometimes You Miss Being A Young, Happy Kid

8. When The Year Was Basically An Epic Action Movie

9. When You Feel Old And Tired

10. When You Realize Everything Happened For A Reason

11. That Time Another Country Tore Itself Apart

12. Could Things Get Worse? Maybe.

13. Overall, It Was A Bumpy Ride

While there are still a lot of things to worry about in 2017 (health care access, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and freedom of speech, just to name a few), hopefully the universe will ease up on us next year. Maybe now is the time to manifest our collective energy to hope for a great new year, or at the very least, a not-terrible one. Now is the time for you to rest and prepare to take on whatever comes your way in the new year. And as a friendly reminder, don't forget to take some time to smell the roses.