These 13 New Books Are Basically 'Stranger Things' In Novel Form

by Sadie Trombetta

So, you've already binged all of Stranger Things Vol. 2 and your life feels a little bit like the Upside Down now that you don't have anything to watch? Fear not, fellow nerds, because 2017 not only brought us another adventure in Hawkins, Indiana, but it also has plenty of new books for fans of Stranger Things who need something to keep them occupied until the next season comes out.

When Stranger Things was released on Netflix last fall, it became an instant hit. Viewers could not get enough of the iconic '80s pop-culture references, the nostalgic soundtrack, the spine-tingling story-telling, or the outstanding on-screen performances, especially from the younger cast. With their original series, The Duffer Brothers created a perfect mash-up of action, adventure, mystery, and heart. While there is plenty of suspense to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, there is even more emotion — from a concerned mother, a worried best friend, a kid in love for the first time — to give them all the feels.

Another homage to '80s cinema, Stranger Things: Vol. 2save for one troublesome episode — gave fans exactly what they love: a titillating mystery, a relatable coming-of-age story about friendship and young love, and heavy dose of nostalgia. The only problem? It's way too addicting, and way too short.

If you have already watched all of Vol. 2, here are 13 new 2017 books that Stranger Things fans will love.

'Sleeping Beauties' by Stephen King and Owen King

It's impossible to watch Stranger Things and not think of one of Stephen King, which is why the Master of Horror's latest collaboration needs to be on every fan's reading list. In Sleeping Beauties, the women of the world become susceptible to a bizarre sleeping disease that wraps their bodies in a cocoon and transports their essence to another, better place. Left to their own devices, men become increasingly violent and primal as they fight over what to do with the one woman — Eve Black — who is immune. A thought-provoking and thrilling read, Sleeping Beauties has plenty of elements to entertain fans of Stranger Things.

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'The Changeling' by Victor LaValle

If you thought the Upside Down was unsettling, just wait until you step into the dark and twisted world of Victor Lavalle's The Changeling. A haunting story about parenthood, love, and lies, this mesmerizing fairy tale retelling will take you on an unforgettable journey where nothing is as it seems, and no one is who they say.

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'My Absolute Darling' by Gabriel Tallent

Eleven and her band of misfits may have it rough, but they aren't the only kids who have faced extraordinary circumstances and come out the other side. In My Absolute Darling, fourteen-year-old Turtle Alveston is a true survivor, a strong young girl who has survived isolation, loss, grief, neglect, and so much more. When she meets an older boy at school, though, Turtle is forced to confront all she has gone through, and make a decision about how much more she is willing to take. A remarkable story about courage and the unbreakable spirit of young women, My Absolute Darling is a must-read for Eleven fans.

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'The Power' by Naomi Alderman

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have powers like Eleven? With Naomi Alderman's award-winning new novel The Power, you can find out what happens when girls are armed with an unmatched physical ability that can cause others pain and death. Here's a hint: something thought-provoking and unforgettable.

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'Meddling Kids' by Edgar Cantero

Want a book packed with nostalgia, friendship, adventure, and a dash of the supernatural? Look no further than Edgar Cantero's Meddling Kids, a fun and imaginative take on the teen detective story. In 1977, the Blyton Summer Detective Club solved its last crime, but 13 years later, the grown-up sleuths — a fugitive, a lush, a lunatic, a dead man, and a dog — are brought back together when a case from their past continues to haunt their present. If you loved Stranger Things for the pop-culture references, you'll love Meddling Kids.

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'Strange Weather: Four Short Novels' by Joe Hill

Sure, Stranger Things is has plenty of sweet, heartfelt, and even funny moments, but the series is a supernatural sci-fi frightfest at its core. So is Joe Hill's latest collection, Strange Weather, which features four terrifying tales that reveal humanity's biggest fears. Chilling page-turners that will leave you wanting more, these short novels are make for perfect binge reading.

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'The Devil Crept In' by Ania Ahlborn

If you thought the story of Will Byers's disappearance was scary, wait until you find out what happens to missing children in Deer Valley, Oregon, in Ania Ahlborn's latest horror novel. In The Devil Crept In, a young boy disappears without a trace, reminding his small town that their home isn't nearly as safe as they pretend it is. In Deer Valley, missing kids turn up dead, pets disappear from their owner's home, and something dark and dangerous lives in their midst. An evocative thriller that will give you goosebumps, The Devil Crept In will makes the Upside Down seem tame.

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'The Impossible Fortress' by Jason Rekulak

Stranger Things fans and '80s-lovers alike will delight in Jason Rekulak's love letter to the decade. In The Impossible Fortress, a group of nerdy kids spend their days waging heated debates about pop-culture, watching the decade's best TV programming, and programming their own video games. When Playboy publishes photos of Wheel of Fortune babe Vanna White, however, the lovable team of misfits sets out on an unbelievable adventure loaded with humor, heart, and plenty of nostalgia. It's a fun adventure with friendship at its core.

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'Paper Girls Vol. 3' by Brian Vaughan and Cliff Chiang

If you're a true fan of Stranger Things, then a comic book is a must for your themed reading list, and Paper Girls is just the right one. Featuring a rag-tag team of misfit chicks who kick serious sci-fi ass in the 1980s, this comic series is like an all-girl version of your favorite Netflix show.

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'Monster' by Michael Grant

What makes stories about young people facing monsters, evil governments, and the possible end of the world so intriguing? Whatever it is, Monster, like Stranger Things, has it. It's an exciting story about a group of teens who must defeat mutated creatures, super powered peers, and alien viruses in order to save humanity, and it is just as addicting (and as binge worthy) as the Duffer Brother's series.

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'Akata Warrior' by Nnedi Okorafor

If you think Eleven is cool, wait until you meet Sunny, the remarkable heroine of Nnedi Okorafor's critically acclaimed young adult fantasy novels. In Akata Warrior, the highly-anticipated sequel of Akata Witch, Sunny continues to hone her remarkable powers with the help of her mentor, Sugar Cream, and her Leopard Society friends, but thoughts of her destiny and the fate of the world are never far from her mind. A rich and beautiful story brimming with imagination and enchantment, Akata Warrior is the kind of coming-of-age story Eleven and the gang could appreciate and readers will love.

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'An Unkindness of Magicians' by Kat Howard

We can all agree that the New York episode of Vol. 2 was THE WORST EVER, but if you were into the revenge plotline, you might like Kat Howard's vengeance-filled fantasy set in the same city. In An Unkindness of Magicians, New York is controlled by magic, but its power is fading and only one powerful magician stop it from being destroyed. The only problem? She doesn't want to help save it, she wants to obliterate it. A fun and feisty fantasy featuring a kick-ass female protagonist, An Unkindness of Magicians will thrill Eleven (and Eight) fans.

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'Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance' by Ruth Emmie Lang (Nov. 14)

One of the things that makes Stranger Things so special is its characters: wonderful misfits whose greatness is hidden beneath a layer of uncool. Ruth Emmie Lang gives us one such character in Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstances with Weylyn Grey, a remarkable individual with extraordinary powers and a habit for being misunderstood. Remarkably imaginative and wholly unique, Lang's story is perfect for readers who can relate to feeling different, unwanted, or just plain weird.

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