13 Non-Alcoholic St. Patrick's Day Drink Ideas

Story time, people. A few years ago, it was a surprising 60 degrees in Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day, so a few friends and I decided to take advantage of it. I’m sure you can just imagine how terrible we all felt the next day... and ever since then, I’ve avoided heading back down that road by drinking non-alcoholic drinks on St. Patrick’s Day. Which is why I’m super pumped about this list of non-alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day drinks to try this year.

I think the hardest thing about trying to not drink on St. Patrick’s Day is avoiding any drinks with whiskey or Irish cream. Because although those things are delicious, if you’re trying to stay away from the alcohol, then it may be hard to have a specific St. Patrick’s Day mocktail that is iconic as an Irish whiskey. Knowing this, I decided to get a little bit creative.

Some of these drinks fit the theme of the occasion... you know, being green and all that. But other ones are just fun mocktails to try. Like tons of different spritzers, mint hot chocolate, and even a virgin frozen margarita. (OK, I know we’re looking for Irish themes, but I couldn’t resist. I just love anything margarita.)

So if you’re on the same page as me and trying to avoid alcohol this St. Patrick’s Day (or if you're not of legal drinking age), here’s a few mocktails to try:

Pear & Thyme Spritzer

This recipe does have you making a thyme simple syrup, so if you want to get fancy in the kitchen, try this mocktail recipe by The Merrythought.

Sparkling Cucumber Limeade

For a super refreshing drink, try this limeade by Taste and Tell!

Lemon Basil Daiquiri

Didn’t expect that, huh? If you’re getting sick of the classic strawberry daiquiri, then give this drink by The Merrythought a try.

Virgin Frozen Margaritas

Okay I know margaritas are probably not a typical St. Patrick’s Day drink... but come on, virgin frozen margaritas? How could you say no? Recipe by Taste and Tell.

Mint Juleps

Another simple syrup to make from scratch, but by the looks of this drink by The Merrythought, it’s looking like the effort will be well worth it.

Mint Simple Syrup (For Mint Hot Chocolate)

This simple syrup recipe by My Baking Addiction can be use for so many different mocktails, but the one in specific to try here is that Mint Hot Chocolate. Just add a cup of hot chocolate, a bit of that minty goodness, and of course, some whipped cream and shamrock sprinkles!

Vanilla Mint Milkshake

Who needs a shamrock shake when you can make one right at home with this recipe by Jelly Toast Blog?

Shamrock Slush

Don’t let the title fool you — it’s actually a super citrusy beverage! Dessert Now, Dinner Later made this mocktail for all of the lemon/lime lovers out there looking for a mocktail with a little bite.

Peppermint Patty Green Monster

For all of the health nuts out there, this smoothie by Oh She Glows is the perfect minty treat if you’re trying to avoid alcohol this St. Patrick’s Day!

Passion Fruit Spritzer

This spritzer by A Farm Girl's Dabbles is so incredibly easy to make, you’ll be thanking me.

Fresh Honeydew Mojito

Okay so this drink by My Baking Addiction is alcoholic, but the recipe does say that if you want to make it non-alcoholic just leave out the rum!

Moscow Mule

Okay who doesn’t love a Moscow mule with those cute copper mugs? Seriously, I’m obsessed. Don’t restrain yourself if you’re not having alcohol — just make this mocktail by The Merrythought!

Ginger Lime Spritzer

This recipe by Taste and Tell actually serves 10-12, so it's perfect for a party!