These Designer Purses Cost More Than A Downpayment On A Home

The RealReal/LePrix

Now that you've finished showering your loved ones with presents, it's time to treat yourself. Perhaps you didn't get the one gift that you really wanted this holiday season — that gorgeous designer purse you've been eyeing for months. Well, guess what? There's no better feeling than buying something for yourself, and designer resale sites like LePrix, Rebag, and The RealReal make it easier than ever to find the perfect purse to add to your collection. However, not only do these luxury consignment sites have every purse imaginable from all of your favorite brands, they also have a ton of extremely rare handbags that are almost impossible to get anywhere else. In fact, some of them are one of a few made, ever.

While these particular rare purses may not be within your budget — many of them cost more than a student loan balance or a downpayment on a home — each of them are so fun to ooh and ahh at. From the limited-edition Hermès Birkin bags to the collectible Louis Vuitton collaborations, each of these beautiful purses will have you wondering — who can afford any of these?!

Here are some of the most expensive rare bags in the world.

Chanel Matryoshka Russian Doll Handbag

This adorable purse opens up like one of those Russian nesting dolls. Of course, Chanel had to add its own flair to it, making it the most glamorous Matryoshka doll you've ever seen.

Christian Dior 2017 John Giorno Lady Dior Medium Handbag

This rainbow-colored Dior purse is a literal piece of art. It was a collaboration with performance artist John Giorno who clearly has a penchant for color. We're all heart eyes emoji over it!

Hermes Plume 28 Gris Cendre Himalaya

The crocodile skin used to make this particular Hermès came from a rare breed of Nile crocodile. What makes it even more rare is that it came in this particular purse style.

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition 2018 Royal Wedding Petite Malle

Of course there was a Royal Wedding Louis Vuitton collection! This piece was made in commemoration of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials and only 85 pieces exist. Do you think the Queen even owns one?

Hermes Birkin Handbag Bleu Nuit Togo with Palladium Hardware 25

At first glance, this purse might seem rather ordinary, but there's nothing boring about this fabulous handmade Birkin bag. The high price tag is proof enough.

Hermes Constance 25cm Elan Miel Porosus Croc Leather Gold Hardware Double Gusset Shoulder Bag

Imagine draping your shoulder with a red crocodile leather Hermès purse that costs as much as two Volkswagen Jettas.

Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere Bag Limited Edition Supreme Camouflage Canvas 45

When Louis Vuitton collaborated with Supreme, the fashion world went nuts. Only limited quantities were made, so this LV x Supreme bag basically belongs in a museum.

Delvaux 2017 L'humour Brillant MM

Delvaux re-released its limited edition Les Humeurs de Brillant collection in 2008 in honor of the bag's 50th anniversary. Bag fanatics love when fashion meets art, so this purse's nod to René Magritte was a big hit.

Chanel Classic Single Flap Bag Quilted Matte Caviar Mini

The tiny bag trend is still going strong, making this little pink Chanel purse a must-have.

Louis Vuitton Iconoclasts Karl Lagerfeld Monogram Boxing Set

Karl Lagerfeld was one of six iconic designers to express their interpretation of fashion for Louis Vuitton, making this unconventional boxing set that he designed even more special.

Hermes Constance Handbag Epsom 24

Birkin collectors need this for their Birkin vaults. According to Rebag, this Constance handbag is a very rare size Hermès Birkin that you rarely find on resale sites.

Hermes Limited Edition Barenia and Wicker Picnic Kelly 35

Did you know that one of the most famous and limited-edition Kelly bags was created to be a functional picnic basket? You may not want to carry a baguette inside this $60,000 purse now, but you can pay homage to its original purpose by pairing it with a stylish gingham dress instead.

Hermes 30 Cm Gris Cendre Diamond Himalaya Crocodile Birkin With 18k Gold Hardware

Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. This Hermès is worth a half a million dollars. Yes, you're seeing that number correctly. According to LePrix, this unique piece might be one of two in the world with its white gold and diamond accents. This purse is so rare that LePrix believes it could be the most expensive Birkin ever sold, the last one reportedly selling for $380,000.