13 People Reveal The Little Things Their Partner Does To Say "I Love You"


When it comes to different ways to say "I love you", a lot of people think that it involves grand gestures and big events. But in reality, for many people it's the little things that mean the most. There are so many different ways couples interact and respond to each other every single day that show how much they really care about each other. It's different for every couple. That's why it's so interesting that in this AskReddit, users gave a glimpse of how their partners really let them know that they love them— often without saying anything at all.

"Love, more than any other thing in the world, should be easy, obvious, and on display through your words and actions," relationship coach and founder of Maze of Love, Chris Armstrong, tells Bustle. "For when we love someone, we instinctually want to do and say things that show them that they matter and that we are thinking about them. The way to stay in love is to make the audio (I love you) match the video (your words and actions day-to-day)."

And when it works, it really shows. So here are the little things that people do that show their partner just how in love they are — every single day.

1Tracing Freckles


This person seems to have a whole lot to feel lucky about in their relationship.

2"That's The Smile I Love So Much"


So much strength and partnership in these examples— making each other stronger every damn day.

3Waking Up To Say "I Love You"


Going to bed rituals are really important — and it seems like this couple has it down pat.

4"The Way He Still Looks At Me"


A look can be all it takes.

5Special Nicknames


Sometimes it just takes a little inside joke to remind you how connected you are.

6Randomly Hugging From Behind


Too. Cute. For. Words.

7Helping When You Need It


Those times when one of you needs a lot of support can be rough, but it's also where you really show your commitment.

8Holding Hands


It's simple, but it's definitely true.

9Pickle Power


I am a little concerned about how much this woman loves pickles. I also think that it's adorable.

10Cherry Coke


That is really cute but also shows me that there is a level of love and commitment I may never show.

11Burnt Marshmallow


Not to everyone's taste, but it definitely shows you care.

12Staying Awake


Not giving into sleep just to say hi? That's devotion.

13Being Able To Say It


For some people, actually saying the words means a whole lot.

Being in love isn't about the grand gestures and the big moments — it's all about the little things. Every couple is different, but there are a lot of little ways to show that you care and those are the things that really add up.