13 'Queer Eye' Season 2 Moments That Will Make You Cry Just Thinking About Them

Courtesy of Netflix

Queer Eye Season 2 is here and if you're not watching with a pack of tissues clutched in one hand, then are you really doing it right? Jonathan Van Ness might venture that you're "struggs to func." Yes, while the Netflix series that swooped into our lives earlier this year might be filled with hilarious Jonathan one-liners, shady Tan France observations and some of the most gorgeous-looking interior design from Bobby, there's always a healthy serving of waterworks to wash it all down. The new season is no exception. In addition to the usual emotional heart-to-hearts and transformations, the Fab Five are revealing more about their own journeys to acceptance — and it'll seriously affect your Kleenex budget. These are just a few of the Queer Eye Season 2 moments that will make you cry just thinking about them, no internet connection required.

This season brings a whole slew of creative firsts designed to make you weep. Episode 1 sees the show's first female hero, while Episode 5 presents the first transgender man on Queer Eye. Your show bingo card could also include a proposal, a hippie who devotes his life to Burning Man, and a politician. Plus, a man whose wife refers to him as a "sexy beast." (Tears of laughter are always acceptable, too.) The show seems to be embracing its tear-inducing persona and fans are dropping like flies during their marathons. Here are some of the top teary moments so far.


When Tammye Says To Call Her 'Mama'


You knew this season was going to have a surplus of tears shed when first female hero Tammye insisted that the Fab 5 call her Mama. This term of endearment made every other emotional moment that much sweeter.


When "Mama" Talks About Her Own Mother


When Tammye gets emotional speaking about her own late mother, Patty, it's impossible to resist your own feelings. Honestly, Tammye's love for her mother, son and community is so strong that it's hard to think about without shedding a few.


When Bobby Finds The Music


After revealing in this episode that he has a fractured past with the church, Bobby learns to sing again with a local choir and reclaim his difficult origins.


When Antoni Loses It


Tammye got Antoni. You know this is a 10-tissue episode when one of the Fab 5 can't contain their feels. When Tammye says her goodbyes to the group and she talks about how God made "provisions cause he knew you guys would end up together," it brings an amount of emotion that seriously shouldn't be legal.


When The Fab 5 Say Goodbye To Mama


This episode was one for the record books, and if you want to send Netflix a bill for emotional damage, the site would totally understand.


When William Finds His Confidence

Anyone who has gotten bangs after a breakup knows how a new haircut can help you your groove back, but it's still super satisfying to see William have this realization. When he tells his girlfriend Shannan that he never knew "something as simple as a haircut could change, make me feel completely different," Jonathan is visibly shook and so are fans.


When William Proposes To Shannan


Eat your heart out, The Bachelor. There has not been a proposal this emotional on reality television in years. The surprise romantic-comedy video. William's declaration that he "Shannans her" because Shannan, to him, means love. Her face when she realizes he's proposing. It's too much.


When We Watch Skyler's Surgery


Skyler, the show's first transgender hero, has an episode that could break even the most stoic of viewers. Opening with a look at Skyler's long-awaited top surgery and his reaction to seeing his new body is everything.


When Skyler Sees Himself In A New Suit


Since Skyler had a negative first experience trying on a suit, Tan helps his dream of owning a well-tailored one become a reality. Skyler says that he doesn't want to take the new suit off and "can't stop smiling." Well, that's good because no viewer can stop crying.


When Tan Gets Educated


Tan admits to his blindspot when it comes to understanding the trans community and Skyler's experience. The two have a heartfelt conversation that leads to deeper understanding and a lot of sniffles.


When Skyler Gets A New ID


Viewers get to see another major life goal for Skyler come true when he gets his brand new driver's license that reflects his true gender. Yet another reason to cry at the DMV.


When Skyler Meets Todrick


Skyler spends much of his episode talking about his style and life icon, YouTuber Todrick Hall. When Tan shows him his new wardrobe, he even gravitates to some pieces because of their Todrick-esque nature. So, to see the two meet and discuss life and identity is the perfect ending.


When Jason & Beth Get A Happily Ever After


Best. Epilogue. Ever!! After Burning Man hippie Jason decides he's moving from Atlanta to Reno in order to be closer to his festival, the Fab 5 argue that his happiness might be in his own backyard. Spoiler alert: it is. A photo at the end of the episode shows that Jason has decided to stay in ATL and has found love in his best friend, Beth.

Oh, Queer Eye.