13 Reunion Tours We Desperately Need, From *NSYNC To Destiny's Child

by Mary Kate McGrath
Brian Bahr/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

When a band or a group split up, it can feel personal. Fans always know there's a chance their favorites groups will part ways, whether it is for personal or professional reasons, but it still feels like a blow. Fortunately, many artists eventually get back together, and often put together a reunion tour or album. In 2018, here are the reunion tours we desperately need. These artists are often from the '90s, like NSYNC or Destiny's Child, but there are a few who only broke up in the past few years. One Direction went on hiatus in 2015, and while the founding members have each found solo success, many people still want the original group to get back together. Fifth Harmony has also been operating without Camila Cabello. Fans would love to see these pop groups with all the original members, but it's unclear if either of these reunions could happen.

In the past few years, reunion tours have popped up often. While some still believe the rumor could be premature, the Spice Girls are reportedly in talks about taking a reunion show on the road. Last year, Big Boi and André 3000 unexpectedly reunited as Outkast, and the group headlined several major festivals. TLC also reunited for a few shows in 2013, and released new music as well. New Kids on the Block performed several performances on television. There is a definite nostalgia for the music of the 90s and early 2000s, and this is making the demand for reunion tours and albums greater than before.

Here are the 13 reunion tours we absolutely need to see this year or sometime in the future.



When Justin Timberlake headlined the 2018 Super Bowl, many fans hoped his former NSYNC singers would appear and reunite with their former bandmate on stage. The star opted to perform solo, and appeared only with his backing band, the Tennessee Kids. Still, fans of the 90s boy band are still holding out hope for a future reunion.


Destiny's Child

In 2018, the self-titled debut album from Destiny's Child will turn 20 years-old, and it's time for the iconic group to get back together. Beyoncé has reunited with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams in the past, performing with the two singers at the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show. Many fans believe the Lemonade singer is planning a 2018 reunion, and there have been plenty of hints from the other 2/3 members of the group that could be the case.

No formal announcements have been made, but Bey's slated to headline the 2018 Coachella festival, which could be an opportunity to reunite with Destiny's Child.


One Direction

One Direction's split felt imminent from the moment that Zayn Malik announced his departure to pursue a solo career. The remaining four singers stuck it out for another album and year of touring, but eventually announced their indefinite hiatus.

Sure, every member has managed to turn their time in the popular boy band into a successful, distinct solo career, but that's all the more reason to reunite. It would be exciting to see what an album would look like, and if they could bring their own independent voices to make new music as 1D.


Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony hasn't split, but it still might be nice to see the group reunite with Camila Cabello. It's unclear the role the singer had in her departure from the group, and she announced she would be going solo just as Fifth Harmony's album topped charts. She's another singer whose found solo success, but we'd still like to see the original Fifth Harmony line-up perform.


Spice Girls

The fate of the Spice Girls reunion is unclear. The BBC first reported that the group could reunite in February, but there have been reports that Victoria Beckham might not return. Posh Spice has previously stated that she wouldn't participate in a reunion tour, but was also reported to be onboard for getting the group back together. There have been some contradicting reports, but it's still possible the original five will be back on stage together soon.

The last time this iconic '90s group performed together was at the closing ceremony for the London Olympics in 2012. The Spice Girls are best known for their hit singles "Wannabe" and "2 Becomes 1", and hopefully they will be on the road with these hits again soon.


Le Tigre

In the past couple years, punk legend Kathleen Hanna has made plenty of new music with her new group The Julie Ruin. It still would be so cool for her to get back together Le Tigre, the electro-punk group that last performed together and released music in 2004. The group dropped a pro-Hilary Clinton single in 2016, but have yet to take their new music on tour.



Take a chance on a tour, ABBA! In 2014, Benny Andersson told The Telegraph the group wouldn't reunite. "You say, ‘what about all the fans, all the people who couldn’t come to Wembley or wherever?’ I think we’re doing them a favor by not doing a reunion!" he said. "I thinks it’s better that everybody remembers it as it was, when we had the energy."

While the IRL members of ABBA don't seem too interested on hitting the road, they might reunite as holograms in 2018.


The White Stripes

Where art thou, Meg White? While Jack White has released plenty of solo music and might be busy running his Nashville record label, fans would still love to see the original duo get back together. Jack has pretty much said this won't happen in the near future, but only time will tell.


Danity Kane

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Danity Kane is the group behind early 2000s pop hits like "Showstopper" and "Damaged", and they've reunited in the past. The group briefly got back together in 2014, but fans still want more. Singer Dawn Richard was initially hesitant to get the group back together for a third run, but has said that she's open to another reunion.



Hole is one of the most underrated '90s bands, and lots of fans would love to see Courtney Love reunite with her original band. Love teased a potential reunion in 2016, but nothing has been made official yet.


Salt N' Pepa

Salt N' Pepa was one of the first female rap groups, and songs like "Push It" and "Shoop" influenced artists across the hip-hop genre. The good news is that Salt N' Pepa have reunited, and fans should be able to catch them on tour in 2018. Let's just hope this legendary group stays together for a long time!


Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star might not be a household name, but if you're a fan of shows like Gilmore Girls or Roswell, you've definitely heard the '90s hit "Fade Into You." It's been a while since Mazzy Star reunited, and they last played shows in 2014. Let's hope that singer Hope Sandoval uses the current '90s revival moment as an excuse to get the band back together and release new music.


The Fugees

In the 90s, The Fugees launched the career of two musical legends, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Pras. The two musicians are still making music today, but fans are still waiting for the The Fugees to reunite. When one of the group's old song started to make the rounds in 2017, some people thought it might be new material. Unfortunately, the group confirmed it was an old track, and that The Fugees wouldn't be reuniting any time in the near future.

There are plenty of artists who could get back together in 2018, but these are the 13 reunion tours that we need now. From Destiny's Child to Hole to ABBA, it would be incredible to see these beloved groups making music together again. While some of these tours are more likely to happen than others (Destiny's Child!), the fact that fans are still waiting for these reunions against the odds shows these artists are beloved, even all these years later.