13 Scary Halloween Props

Ready to conjure up some real chills and thrills and transform your house into the most haunted-looking one on the block this Halloween? With a few of the scary Halloween props from this list, you can give your home a truly spooktacular feel that'll make trick-or-treaters stop and marvel in awe.

From animatronic witches to outdoor lights that would make even a ghost feel startled, the pieces rounded up below are some of the best Halloween decorations for when you want to make your house look like the stuff nightmares are made of. Whether you're looking for jump-scares or the chance to make every part of your holiday memorable, right down to the kind of containers people are drinking out of, you're sure to find something that helps capture that eerie and mysterious spirit of All Hallows Eve. Plus, you get to scare everyone's pants off.

You don't have to be all in it for the tricks, either. Some of the decorations featured below can be a real treat to boys and ghouls alike, so no matter what your threshold for creepy stuff is, you're sure to have visitors inching toward your house in anticipation, hungry to see what other frights are in store.

1. This Absolutely Disgusting Prop That'll Make Heads Roll

Sometimes you've gotta go big or go home. When it comes to gross-out, totally cringe-inducing Halloween decorations, consider this severed head in a jar a must-have. Reviewers say the container is about the size of a mayo jar, but don't be surprised if food is the last thing on your mind after you see this. Some recommend adding water for an exceptionally horrific effect, while others suggest tucking it away in unexpected spots, like the fridge, to really scare up some frights. One reviewer wrote: "Creepy and gross — just perfect! I filled it with water and one drop of red food coloring and set it out during a Halloween party. It's unnerving to see sitting on a shelf."

2. This Splattered Banner Will Make Guests Feel Like They're On The Chopping Block

You don't have to live in a butcher shop to get that raw and bloody feel for your Halloween party. Instead, you can just grab this affordable (but surprisingly resilient) banner, which is 7.5 feet long and decorated with the kind of weapons from your favorite horror movies. From a hacksaw to scissors and a butcher knife, this splattered red banner has it all. "Bought this for my sister's birthday party which happened to fall on Friday the 13th this year," one reviewer noted. "I can't believe how awesome the quality is for such a cheap price, will probably grab another one to have at Halloween."

3. This Zombie That's So Realistic, You'll Think It's Digging Right Out Of A Grave

Crawling out of the grave is NBD for this totally terrifying zombie decoration, which was designed by artist Alan Dickinson and is designed to fit on the ground and add an extra oomph of horror to your haunted house. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and at 13 pounds, it's easy to move around in case you want to switch things up. Made from high-quality resin and UV-resistant paint, this 31-inch zombie will take a bite out of your senses and have you hungry for what the rest of the season has in store. "Debated this because of the high cost, but finally got it for Halloween this year and it was a HUGE HIT. Creepy, indeed. We put it next to the path up to our house and the trick-or-treaters screamed in delight and walked on the other side of the path. "

4. This Eerie Talking Doll That Chucky And Annabelle Have Nothing On

It's not really a party until someone brings a demonic talking doll, right? With this sound-activated talking doll, you're definitely about to give your party guests a truly chilling reason to stick around. Battery-operated and about 15 inches tall, this doll will start talking up a storm whenever someone's nearby, which your friends will never see coming. "She's completely creepy, and my six year old didn't even want to bring her in the house at first," one reviewer wrote. "Here's an extra tip, if you get a small glow-in-the-dark bracelet (you can find them at the Dollar Tree), you can stick it inside her eye holes, and she'll appear to glow from within!" This is like having your own personal Annabelle or Chucky doll for a Halloween party, so yours is bound to be more memorable than ever.

5. These Creepy-Crawlies That'll Have Trick-Or-Treaters Buggin' Out

Before you start itching and batting off bugs that aren't really there, just remember that these incredibly lifelike toy cockroaches aren't the real deal, as hard as that might given their extremely realistic look. With each order, you get 100 of these icky guys to scatter on tables and food-laden plates. Because they're so cheap, this hair-raising set gives you plenty of bang for your buck. You can even use them long after Halloween to prank your unsuspecting friends and family members, too.

6. These Bloody Beverage Bags That Definitely Don't Suck

What's a good Halloween party without something to drink? Well, with these blood bags, which have a nearly-perfect five-star rating on Amazon, you can quench thirsts your guests never even knew they had. Each bag in this set comes with a customizable label, so you can hand out drinks based on someone's blood type, plus, they have working anti-leak tubes that make it so unbelievably easy to funnel drinks. Since they feature a clip-styled stopper, which can help keep messes from forming, these make surprisingly durable drink holders even after Halloween is over. "These worked great for party drinks," one reviewer wrote. "These are a good thick quality thankfully, since we put a carbonated drink in them. The carbonation ended up making the bags very tight with air which worried us that they might break open but they held up no problem."

7. These Fake Body Parts For When Party Guests Need An Extra Hand

Ready to take your haunted house game up a notch? These super-gross (but totally petrifying) fake arms can give you a hand if that's what you're going for. These severed arms look incredibly realistic, say Amazon reviewers, and are smeared with bloody red coloring so you don't even need to buy any additional fake blood. In this two-pack, you get a right and left arm, and you can use them in a number of creative ways — sticking out of a snack bowl, sticking up out of the ground, hanging from one of your entryways, and more. They're also made from a rubber and cotton blend, so they're built to last. "Gotta hand it to them," one reviewer wrote. "... There are a lot of severed arms/hands out there, and I think these are probably some of the best."

8. These Spine-Chilling Decals That'll Stick By Themselves

Your house will look like a total bloodbath once you hang up these terrifying decals, so they're an absolute must if you're trying to have the scariest pad in the neighborhood this Halloween season. Each pack comes with six sheets, which include 28 bloody handprints and 28 bloodstains. Designed to peel off easily and stick on without any adhesives, these creepy decals will cling to glass —including windows and mirrors — along with tile, doors, and smooth wall surfaces, which makes them a versatile addition to any creepy ideas you have brewing for the holiday. Reviewers love these too, and say that unlike other cheaper clings you might get in the store, these ones actually have a secure hold, are completely reusable, and look frighteningly realistic.

9. This Talking Witch That'll Cast A Spell Over Your Party Guests

Feeling witchy this Halloween season? You'll definitely make your pad more bewitching to trick-or-treaters and party guests with this completely adjustable talking witch. At 71 inches, this battery-operated prop is designed to hang and casts a pretty spooky shadow over a porch, doorway, or corner. Fully collapsible for easy storage when Halloween has passed, it also has flashing red eyes and emits sound- and/or touch-activated noises. "This thing is great," one reviewer wrote. "I knew it was hanging on my closet door and when it [grabbed] me I still screamed."

10. These Lights That'll Have Trick-Or-Treaters Shrieking Jeepers Creepers

These peeping eyes may look cute as hell, but don't let the way they look in the light of day fool you. "I wish I had found them earlier," raved one reviewer. "These are creepy yet cool and funny at the same time. Quite unique compared to all Halloween lights." Each set comes with three fully adjustable and eerie eyes, which, once plugged in and running in the darkness, can make your bushes and front yard come alive for folks on Halloween night. Each light emits color and are connected by a 6-foot-long string, with 23 inches worth of space between each light. Reviewers also say that the eyelids rotate for different expressions and are energy-efficient to run. They also come with rotating hooks for easy hanging, or you can use suction cups to prop them up elsewhere.

11. This Boney Buddy That Trick-Or-Treaters Won't Be Able To Forget

Make no bones about it: when it comes to Halloween decorations, you can't go wrong with this classic full-body skeleton from Pretext. At 30 inches in height, it's almost the size of the real thing, and it comes with a hook on the skull, which makes it super-easy to hang. That's not all you're stuck doing with this prop, which comes right out of the box ready to scare since there's no assembly required. Because you can actually bend or adjust it to fit a variety of poses, the skeleton can fit all kinds of bone-chilling scenes you've got in mind for the season. One reviewer on Amazon raved: "Worth every penny! Well-made and easy to pose! This is a cute skeleton."

12. These Foam Tombstones That'll Make Your House Even More Haunting

These insanely affordable foam tombstones are sure to haunt your closet of Halloween decorations for seasons to come. Each one that's included in this four-pack is unique and made with a stone-like finish, so they look like the real deal. Weather-resistant and designed for indoor and outdoor use, each one comes with two metal stakes so they sink firmly and evenly into the ground. At 17 inches in height, each tombstone towers like a real one should. "They are very thick and sturdy and are a really good size for lawn decorations. The designs are spot on compared to the pictures on the Amazon site," one reviewer added.

13. This Fireplace Display That'll Make Your Skin Crawl

Visions of creepy crawlies and other insects will probably fill your head once you get a look at this fireplace decoration, which is made to look just like a spiderweb. And that's precisely what makes it one of the best Halloween accessories you can grab. It's almost 100 inches long, so it's great for draping, and it can also be used over tables and doorways, too. "This fit my fireplace perfectly," described one reviewer. "I had black webbing and it kept falling down and this was so much better. I used a little tape and it did not hurt the fabric. Glad I pulled the trigger and bought this." Another bonus? There will be no need to let this prop grow its own cobwebs, because once you use it, you're bound to want to keep setting it up every Halloween. Or keep it up indefinitely, if it's a hair-raising look you just can't get enough of.

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