13 Things Our Senior Fashion Editor Wants This May, Including The Perfect Mini Straw Bag

by Gabrielle Prescod

I feel like May is a loaded month for a lot of people. It finally starts to feel like spring, so it’s finally acceptable to break out the warmer weather wardrobe. People start to feel more social and want to go out more. The end of the month ushers in the beginning of summer. When the weather finally starts to get nicer, a lot of people like to look at their closets and assess what they want for the upcoming season, which means May is a great shopping month. It also happens to be the month of the pinnacle occasion of the year: my birthday.

When it comes to my birthday, celebrations can't start soon enough. As soon as April 20 (the official start of Taurus season) rolls around, my birthday is at the forefront and I’m constantly dropping some not so subtle hints about what I want. There have been some major new releases from Rihanna and Coach this month that have got me excited and some things that I've had my eye on for a while but am still dreaming about. Check out below to find out what I’m obsessed with this month and what I not so discreetly asked for for my birthday!


Savage x Fenty Cami and Shorty Set

Savage x Fenty Cami and Shorty Set, $69, Savage X

As if Rihanna needed to do something else to remind us all that she is Rihanna, she goes and launches a lingerie line. Savage X Fenty is everything that you would expect Rihanna's lingerie line to be: fresh, edgy, and most importantly, pretty inclusive. Savage X comes in sizes 32A to 44DD and XS to 3X and also includes a full range of shades for the nude underwear and bras. I'm here for it: I may not be one for sauntering around my apartment in lingerie but I'm all for wearing pieces like this cami IRL. Leave it to Rihanna to create a line of lingerie that you can actually wear outside of the bedroom and not look like you forgot to get dressed.


Frame Les Second- Large

Frame Les Second- Large, $675, Frame

I've been on the hunt for a new tote for over six months now. Although my personal brand is an impossibly small bag, sometimes you need something with a little more space, especially when traveling. The problem I kept running into was that I wanted something that was big enough, cute enough, and really good quality. It's like Frame personally heard me and said, "Here you go!" I'm obsessed with this baby because it checks off all of those things I was looking for, comes in so many colors, and has adjustable, interchangeable straps. It's like you're getting multiple bags by buying one. Now that I have my ideal travel bag, I just need someone to take me somewhere!


One of my New Year's resolutions was to start investing my time in experiences. New York is a cultural gem that I think the people that live here take advantage of. At the beginning of May, Dior, Bergdorf Goodman, and Artsy partnered to debut The Artsy Vanguard. It's a special exhibition that focuses on art and fashion featuring contemporary artists and combines two of my favorite things: Dior and Bergdorfs. There is an in-store showcase as well as window installations at the Bergdorf's on Fifth Avenue. It's a perfect free weekend activity to satisfy your culture itch — and an opportunity to get in some great shopping. Two birds, one cultured AF stone.


The Last Line Diamond and Tsavorite Eternity Band

The Last Line Diamond and Tsavorite Eternity Band, $426, The Last Line

Since I'm always thinking about my birthday, I always try to find items that are specific to the month I was born. The birthstone for May is an emerald, so this ring from The Last Line was made for all of us May babies. I love a diamond eternity band, but it's hard to find one that's different from others out there. The Last Line's founder, Shelley Sanders, puts so much thought into her designs and the result is always something that you want to wear — at an affordable price for fine jewelry!


Poolside Collective Mak Striped Handle- Small

Poolside Collective Mak Striped Handle- Small, $130, Poolside Collective

Like I said before, mini bags are my personal brand and I'm always looking to add to my collection. Having a bag specifically for the summer is a must for me and it's always a bonus when it's a straw bag. Poolside Collective makes the perfect straw mini bag and the best part is, you can have it customized to say whatever you want! A mini might not be for everyone but Poolside Collective has you covered no matter what size you're after or where you're going (literally poolside or strolling around downtown).


Westward Leaning Stun Sunglasses

Westward Leaning Stun Sunglasses, $225, Westward Leaning

Warmer weather definitely means being outside more often and, for me, that means playing tennis too. I've been playing tennis since I was two years old and I have always just worn whatever sunglasses I'm feeling that season to play in, because the ones that are optimized for sport performance were never that cute. I mean, that's part of the reason I love tennis so much: There are so many opportunities to look good and play well at the same time! Westward Leaning just launched their sport collection that literally solves this problem. They created a line of sunglasses that look amazing without sacrificing functionality. Now I can be the Queen of the Court without having my sunglasses slide off my face!


Miranda Frye Marina Hoops

Miranda Frye Marina Hoops, $72, Miranda Frye

I love wearing hoops but I have a weird fear of stretching my earring holes — it's hard to find a big and thick hoop that isn't heavy! Miranda Frye solved that problem for me. These are the perfect width and are super lightweight. They won't break the bank either!


Cotton Citizen High Split Jean in Kelly Green

Cotton Citizen High Split Jean in Kelly Green, $295, Cotton Citizen

I love a denim on denim ensemble, and when its green it's like it was made for everyone born in May! (OK technically this is kelly green and emerald is the color for May... but it's close enough.) Cotton Citizens' denim is actually so comfortable and the look of it with the slight distressing makes it even more of a dream. Consider this my birthday suit!


Oscar de la Renta Atlantic Alligator Mini Alibi Bag

Oscar de la Renta Atlantic Alligator Mini Alibi Bag, $11,590, Ocsar de la Renta

It's. All. About. A. Mini. For. Me! I can't say enough how much I love an impossibly small bag! I'd definitely recommending adding this Oscar de la Renta one to the mix... or at least to some sort of vision board. I love the box shape because it's so different and definitely not something you typically see when shopping and I love the blue alligator too. If anyone wants to contribute, I'm setting up a GoFundMe for this bag.


Parachute Home Scented Candle, $39, Parachute Home

I am a Parachute Home fanatic! Literally can't get enough. Everything from their bed linens to towels and bath rugs are crafted to perfection level comfort. I burn through this candle so fast; it makes my apartment smell like heaven.


GRLFRND Helena High-Rise Short

GRLFRND Helena High-Rise Short, $148, Revolve

When the temperature is on the incline, it's time to stock up on denim shorts, and GRLFRND is one of my favorite brands for the occasion. They are staples for my summer wardrobe and I'm a firm believer in having a ton of different types. Why limit yourself? GRLFRND has so many different styles and fits so you're covered all summer. I love the high waist and simplicity of these because they're not too distressed or frayed.


Harry Potter- Gryffindor Set

Juniper Books Harry Potter- Gryffindor Set, $275, Spring

If you know me, you know how deep my love for Harry Potter runs. If you don't, just to give you an example of how extreme my obsession is with Harry Potter, my sister and I named our family dog Harry Potter Prescod. The books that I had originally have seen better days for sure so I really want a whole new set of books. What could be better than a custom Gryffindor set with custom book jackets?! Sure, I'm in Ravenclaw according to Pottermore, but I think the red and gold goes better in my living room.


Disney x Coach Sleepy Foldover Crossbody Clutch

Disney x Coach Sleepy Foldover Crossbody Clutch, $275, Coach

The Disney x Coach collection was bound to be amazing because like its Disney and Coach but when you have a bag that can depict your mood everyday of the week... I'm gonna need all seven.