13 Times 'The O.C.'s Sandy Cohen Was The Best Dad On TV, Hands Down

In The O.C., shocking melodrama was the norm for the Core Four (Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer), but it wasn't limited to just them; the adults also dealt with their fair share of deceit, loss, and addiction. But no matter what happened, one thing remained true: The O.C.'s Sandy Cohen was the best dad on TV. Even though every character on the show experienced an overwhelming amount of drama, you could always depend on Sandy to offer his words of wisdom and to crack a few jokes while doing so.

As any O.C. fan remembers, Sandy started out as Ryan's public attorney after the teen stole a car with his brother. But soon, Sandy brought Ryan into his family, and the fact that Seth immediately also welcomed Ryan in as his brother is a testament to how Sandy fostered a kindhearted household. Kirsten was a great asset to the family's bonds as well, but since she was born into the wealthy community of Newport Beach, she didn't have the same perspective on Ryan's situation as Sandy. As the teen's mentor and surrogate dad, Sandy always offered a funny commentary about the ridiculous conventions that Southern California's wealthiest members performed and made Ryan feel at home.

And when it came to advice, Sandy was just the best. He also had a lot of heart, and he shared his generosity and love with both Seth and Ryan in a beautiful way. It's a little hard to look back at Sandy's greatest dad moments without shedding a few tears, so get the tissues ready.

When He Brought Ryan Home

Sandy was assigned as Ryan's public defender, and the Cohen patriarch immediately believed in Ryan upon meeting him.

When He Promised Ryan He'd Stay In His Life

Even though Ryan thought he would return to living with his mother, Sandy sweetly reassured him that they would stay in touch with each other.

When He Tried To Keep Up With His Kids' Drama

Sandy sporadically checked in on Seth and Ryan's drama du jour, but even if he didn't know everything that was going on, he always had great advice to offer.

When He Taught Seth The Importance Of Foreplay

Sandy not only spoke honestly about sex with Seth following the teen's awkward first time with Summer, but he also gave much-needed wisdom. "The appetizer is as good as the main course," Sandy said, referring to foreplay.

When He Made Fun Of His Son

It was always sweet when Sandy made fun of Seth, because the two had such a good relationship.

When He Emphasized The Importance Of Bagels

Sandy loved bagels, and he taught both his kids and the rest of the world that bagels can almost solve anything.

When He Encouraged Ryan To Consider A New Kind Of Future

As mentioned before, Sandy always believed in Ryan even when Ryan couldn't imagine believing in himself.

When He Gave Giant Group Hugs

Even if Sandy poked fun at his family, he never hesitated to show them how much he loved them. Don't you wish you could get a giant hug from Sandy Cohen now?

When He Gave Relationship Advice To Marissa

Sandy was like a father to all, and he often offered advice on anything — relationships, legal issues, etc. — to all of Seth's friends.

When He Claimed Ryan As Part Of The Family

Sandy always made sure that Ryan knew that he wasn't going to be treated differently than Seth, even if they didn't share a blood relation. "Hey. If it's a Ryan problem, it's a Cohen problem," Sandy once said.

When He Urged Seth To "Man Up"

To be clear: his definition of "manning up" involved being honest and having integrity. That's the kind of fatherly figure that everyone should have.

When He Fostered Open Communication And Trust

Sandy showed that father-son relationships could include deep, emotional heart-to-hearts. If you swooned over Seth's vulnerability (and, who didn't?) you have Sandy to thank.

When He Did His Cheer For Seth

During the graduation episode, Sandy revealed that he once had a cheer for Seth during "Capture the flag at Parents' Weekend." The cheer went, "Check out my boy Cohen! Can you believe how he's growin? The competition away he's blowin!"

Seth and Ryan's dad was supportive, funny, and kind. What a great guy, that Sandy Cohen.