13 Weird Candy Cane Flavors You Need To Try At Least Once

by Alli Hoff Kosik

There's something weirdly magical about the way that the holiday season gives us a sense of predictability. When Thanksgiving rolls around, I know that I can expect my dogs to spend the day begging for food scraps from the exact same spot in the kitchen as they did last year. A few weeks later, I know I'll be arguing with my sisters about which ornaments take priority on the tree and whether or not we really need to make 13 different types of Christmas cookies. Variety is the spice of life, but tradition is actually pretty cool. That being said, there are a few holiday staples that can get old from year to year, and for me, the all-too-familiar peppermint candy cane is one of them. The good news is that I've tracked down 13 weird candy cane flavors that are almost too fun and crazy to believe, and I'm excited to taste them all this year in an effort to keep myself from getting a little too comfortable with the stale seasonal traditions I already know.

As nice as it is to be a creature of habit (guilty!), it doesn't hurt to step out of our holiday comfort zone now and then. And, admittedly, tasting funky candy cane flavors seems like a pretty safe way to do that.


Bacon's been expanding beyond the breakfast game for a few years now (bacon ice cream, anyone?), but bacon candy canes are certainly new to me.

Bacon-Flavored Candy Canes (Box of 6), $9, Walmart

Bubble Gum

This bubble gum treat in the shape of a candy cane would be the ultimate holiday gift for Willy Wonka's chew-happy Violet Beauregarde — but it can be a fun novelty present for anyone else in your life too!

Giant Bubble Gum Candy Canes (Box of 12), $24, Candy Warehouse


Do you struggle to get overly excited about the sweet treats of the holiday season because you simply prefer the savory parts of life? Check out these pickle-flavored candy canes, which have a dill flavor to match their vibrant green color. This candy is a number-one bestseller on Amazon, so it's gotta be worth a try!

Pickle-Flavored Candy Canes (Box of 6), $10, Amazon


Throw on some ginger and soy sauce and you've almost got yourself a sushi doppelgänger. These wasabi candy canes will give you an intense rush of flavor while simultaneously cleaning out your sinuses just in time for cold season.

Wasabi-Flavored Candy Canes (Box of 6), $8, Amazon


Extend the life of your favorite Thanksgiving condiment by trying a lick of these gravy candy canes. These brown-and-white striped candies have an herby, savory taste that will give even Grandma's famous gravy recipe a run for its money.

Gravy Candy Canes (Box of 6), $5, Archie McPhee

Pixy Stix

There's no better time for a throwback to the magic of childhood than the holiday season, and Pixy Stix candy canes are the perfect thing to transport you back to the simpler days of pouring pure sugar down your throat.

Pixy Stix Candy Canes (Box of 9), $5, Candy Warehouse

Red Hots Cinnamon

If you're so into spicy that even your sweets can't be sweet, I think I've found the perfect candy cane flavor for you. Have some milk or bread ready to absorb all that lingering heat.

Brach's Red Hots Cinnamon Flavored Candy Canes (Box of 12), $7, Amazon

Root Beer

The earthy, neutral colors of this candy cane are perfect for Thanksgiving, but root beer lovers will be happy to have this treat on hand throughout the entire holiday season. Bottom's up!

Hammond's Root Beer Candy Cane, $2, Target


Oreo candy canes are new for this holiday season, and the Internet is totally buzzing about their rollout. I have a feeling that stores are going to struggle to keep these in stock, so if you have any interest in sampling a cookies and cream candy cane, I would suggest you try to get your hands on a box ASAP.

Oreo-Flavored Candy Canes (Box of 12), $9, Amazon


Berry-flavored candy canes aren't really a new phenomenon, but I've never seen this bright purple huckleberry variety before. Huckleberries have a tart flavor similar to blueberries, so these are perfect for anyone who loves a little touch of sourness.

Huckleberry Candy Cane, $1, The Huckleberry Patch


Trick yourself into thinking you've had more coffee to drink than you really have with a coffee candy cane and you'll be able to power through the long days of holiday celebration with some much-needed extra energy.

Coffee Candy Canes (Box of 6), $7, Amazon

Sugar Plum

I couldn't pick a sugar plum out of a line-up flavor-wise, but I do know that there is perhaps no mysterious fruit in the world that sounds more festive. Candy canes and sugar plums sound like a match made in holiday heaven to me.

Sugar Plum Candy Cane, $3, Hammond's

Birthday Cake

I'm definitely here for a birthday cake-flavored candy cane. Yum! These colorful treats would look great as a fun decoration around the house, and even with a tiny bit of birthday cake-inspired sweetness, I'm sure these candy canes will beat the minty variety by a mile.

Hammond's Christmas Birthday Cake Candy Cane, $2, Target