13 Kitchen Tools Every Grown-Ass Man Needs


As if birthdays and holidays weren’t enough, entering adulthood also brings a whole slew of new gift-giving occasions to navigate: graduations, housewarmings, weddings, and promotions come to mind. And these celebratory milestones can be tricky to shop for — especially when it comes to finding gifts for guys that are hard to buy for. A generic sweater or a pair of socks might fly during the holiday season, but it doesn’t quite say “welcome to a new stage of adulthood." Enter: kitchen tools every grown-ass man needs.

Unlike a tie, kitchen tools are as practical as they are fun — I mean what guy doesn’t love a gadget? And as they turn the page on new chapters of their lives — finishing grad school, moving into an apartment, getting married — there are certain essentials that will help them to get on top of their adulting game. Because what says “I am a grown-ass man” more than having his sh*t together in the kitchen?

From updated basics like a fancy coffee maker to new-age tools like a high-tech meat thermometer, these gifts are perfect for any occasion and any kitchen. So next time you are looking buy a gift for a guy, these essential kitchen tools and gadgets are a great go-to.


This Finger Guard For Speed Slicers

Finger Guard, $11, Amazon

Whether he's a klutz in the kitchen or a speed-slicer looking for an extra safety measure, this finger guard should keep their tips intact. The stainless steel guard slips onto your hand like a ring and is adjustable to fit any finger size.


This Burger Press For The Grill Masters

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press, $15, Amazon

Jazz up a basic burger by stuffing it with delicious fillings. From mac ’n’ cheese to peppers to bacon and cheddar — the options are endless with a burger press. It will amp up any grill master’s game. Just press some of the meat into the burger press, stuff it full of a favorite filling, and then seal it off with the rest of the meat. Press down, pop it on the grill, and enjoy.


This Quirky Kitchen Helper Thats Holds Your Spoon

Gomangos Fashion Monkey Business Hug Doug Silicone Spoon Saver, $14, Amazon

Keep the kitchen tidy with the help of this quirky spoon saver. Simply attach the little man to the spoon and set it against the pot. Not only this little guy handy, his minimalist design is also the perfect balance of modern and fun.


The Ultimate 7-In-1 Tailgating Tool

Stingray Seven-In-One BBQ Tool, $25, Amazon

Tailgating should always be a good time and sometimes that requires some multitasking — think: beer in one hand while flipping burgers with the other. Now it’s possible with this seven-in-one BBQ tool. It can be used as a bottle opener, spatula, tongs, and a fork, and it has features that allow you to only need one hand to successfully grill up food for the whole crew.


This Stainless Steel Bar Of "Soap" That Washes Your Hands Without Water

Amco Rub Away Bar, $8, Amazon

If you think this is a bar of soap — you're wrong. This strange stainless steel bar rids your hands of common kitchen odors, like onions or garlic, simply by rubbing it on your skin — no water or soap required.


This Multi-Purpose Tool For When He's Short On Drawer Space

Smart Multi Purpose Knife, $19, Amazon

This multi-functional stainless steel kitchen knife cuts chops, slices, dices, peels, carves, and opens bottles. It's the perfect all-on-one tool for any kitchen short on space. It's easy to store, features an ergonomic design, and silicone grip making food prep more comfortable.


These Silicone Oven Mitts For The Modern Man

FingerMitt Silicone Five Finger Oven Mitt (Set Of Two), $15, Amazon

Every grown-ass man needs to throw in the towel and use an actual oven mitt to take hot pots and pans out of the oven and off of the stove top. These silicone oven mitts fit onto fingers comfortably and they feature a gripped design so holding hot dishes (up to 500 degrees) just got a whole lot easier.


This Meat Tenderizer To Up Any Griller's Game

Steak Ninja Meat Tenderizer, $13, Amazon

Achieve the perfect tasting steak every time with this meat tenderizer. It can be used on steak, poultry, seafood, pork, and more. The steel blades penetrate the meat so that flavor is actually infused into the meat, which cuts down marinating time so you can enjoy food sooner.


This Fruit And Veggie Chopper That Doubles As A Container

Vegetable Chopper Dicer Slicer, $23, Amazon

No more excuses! Food prep and cooking has never been easier with a veggie chopper. The multi-functional tool chops veggies and fruits in a single motion. It comes with five different sized blades so it can chop, slice, or dice the perfect pieces. Plus, the fruit and veg drops directly into the bottom container making clean up and cooking a breeze.


This Small But Powerful Food Processor

Aicok Mini Food Processor Electric Multipurpose Food Chopper, $29, Amazon

This mini food processor is perfect for making small portions. It can chop, blend, mince, puree, and shred food with the press of a button. It has stainless steel blades, a powerful motor, and is machine washable. Perfect for making pesto, dips, salsa, salad dressings and more.


This Unique Cutting Board That Helps With Clean-Up

Joseph Joseph Large Cut And Carve Chopping Board, $20, Amazon

This cutting board is perfect for meat lovers because it has an angled surface to collect juices or crumbs while cutting. The non-slip feet and soft-grip sides helps when carving meat because the board won’t slip around the counter and there won’t be a huge mess when done.


This Fancy French Press That Comes With A Milk Steamer

French Press Coffee & Tea Maker, $26, Amazon

Saving money is a part of being an adult and that means cutting down on high-priced cafés — and this french press coffee maker isn't just another home coffee brewer. This stainless steel model can make up to eight cups of coffee in under four minutes. It has a double screen filter system so coffee grinds stay at the bottom of the press, where they belong. Plus, it comes with a milk frothier — perfect for whipping up the French classic: café au lait.


This Sophisticated Corkscrew For Opening Wine Like A Sommelier

Omni Wine Opener By Vintorio, $34, Amazon

Wine-o or no, everybody needs a corkscrew. This opener pops any cork any bottle effortlessly. It features a foil cutter and a mechanism for the perfect pull every time.

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