13 YA Novels For The Superhero-Obsessed

by Kerri Jarema

I didn't grow up reading superhero comics (I was more of an Archie girl, myself) but thanks to the rise in YA books about superheroes and the comic book fandom, I have grown increasingly intrigued by these tales of heroism, villainy, and the kickass powers that I wish I possessed. If you loved superhero comics as a kid and want to get back into that world, still read tons of comics and want some novels to supplement your marathon reading, or you are just getting into the superhero genre for the first time, one of the 13 books on this list will definitely hit the spot.

Below are books that fall into two categories: fantasy books about superheroes with awesome powers and heroic quests, and contemporary reads that follow the lives of comic book lovers. Whether you want to read about classic heroes and villains (think Catwoman and Wonder Woman) retold, new heroes that wield magic that changes their worlds, or just ordinary people like me and you whose fandom has changed the way they look at the world, this list has got you covered. Tack a few on to your to be read stack and lose yourself in comics in a whole new way.

'Comics Will Break Your Heart' by Faith Erin Hicks (Feb. 12, 2019)

Miriam's grandfather was the co-creator of smash-hit comics series The TomorrowMen. But he sold his rights to the series for practically nothing. When the grandson of the man who defrauded Miriam's family shows up in town, things get even more complicated.

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'Batman: Nightwalker' by Marie Lu

The Nightwalkers are terrorizing Gotham City when Bruce Wayne meets Madeleine, a brilliant girl with ties to the villainous group. Bruce must get Madeleine to divulge her secrets, but he could be feeding her the information she needs to bring Gotham City to its knees.

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'Not Your Sidekick' by C.B. Lee

Despite her heroic lineage, Jessica Tran is resigned to a life without superpowers. Instead, she just wants to beef-up her college applications. But then she stumbles upon the perfect internship — for the town’s most heinous supervillain.

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'Catwoman: Soulstealer' by Sarah J. Maas

Two years after escaping Gotham City's slums, Selina Kyle returns as the mysterious Holly Vanderhees. With Batman off on a vital mission, Gotham City is ready for the taking. And with the help of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, she just might take it.

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'Dreadnought' by April Daniels

Danny was trying to keep people from finding out she’s transgender. But when superhero Dreadnought was killed and the mantle was passed to her, her body was transformed. But she doesn’t have much time to adjust, because Dreadnought’s murderer still haunts the streets of New Port City.

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'The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love' by Sarvenaz Tash

When Graham learns that the creator of his favorite comic is making a rare appearance at New York Comic Con, he knows he must score tickets. And the event inspires Graham to come up with the perfect plan to tell his best friend Roxy how he really feels about her.

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'Rebel Belle' by Rachel Hawkins

After a strange run-in imbues her with incredible abilities, Harper Price becomes a Paladin, one of an ancient line of guardians with super strength. Soon she is tasked with protecting David Stark, subject of a mysterious prophecy... and Harper's least favorite person.

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'Wonder Woman: Warbringer' by Leigh Bardugo

Princess Diana longs to prove herself to her legendary warrior sisters. But when the opportunity finally comes, she breaks Amazon law to save a mortal. Diana will soon learn that she has rescued no ordinary girl, and that with this single act, she may have doomed the world.

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'Akata Witch' by Nnedi Okorafor

When Sunny befriends Orlu and Chichi, she is plunged in to the world of the Leopard People, where your worst defect becomes your greatest asset. Their mission? To track down Black Hat Otokoto, the man responsible for kidnapping and maiming children.

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'Renegades' by Marissa Meyer

The Renegades are a syndicate of prodigies — humans with extraordinary abilities — who emerged from the ruins of a crumbled society and established peace and order where chaos reigned. Nova has a reason to hate the Renegades, and she is on a mission for vengeance.

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'I Am Princess X' by Cherie Priest

When May starts learns that Princess X — the heroine she created with her late best friend Libby when they were kids —has inspired an entire underground culture, she decides that only one person could have started this phenomenon: Libby.

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'The Belles' by Dhonielle Clayton

Camellia Beauregard is a Belle — a woman who controls Beauty. When she is chosen to live in the palace she discovers dark secrets, and soon learns that her powers are far greater, and could be more dangerous, than she ever imagined.

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'The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You' by Lily Anderson

When Trixie West's best friend starts dating Ben Watson's best friend, the two enemies slowly build a comic book fandom-based friendship. Until Trixie's best friend gets expelled for cheating, and they have to choose what side they're really on.

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