14 Foolproof Gifts To Get Your Bestie That They'll LOVE

by Jessica Learish
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As someone who is ridiculously thankful for her friends and family, I'm always looking for gift ideas to show those nearest and dearest to me how much I care about them. But gift-giving can be hard! If you are struggling to come up with the perfect gift for your bestie, you have come to the right place, because these best friend gift ideas will show off how thoughtful and attentive you really are. After all, you should always consider your BFF's likes and interests first when shopping for the perfect gift.

Best friends can be incredibly difficult to shop for. We talk to our best friends (or at least text them) every day, but when it comes to gifts, the sheer volume of options available to us on the ol' Interwebs can create a vortex, a black hole of pin boards and DIY vlogs that we will overanalyze during our lunch break, until we are inevitably forced by the laws of physics to buy a gift card to her favorite coffee shop.

So, instead of being that friend, approach your gift-giving with a strategy — and check out these suggestions for foolproof gifts:

1. This Awesome Ukelele

So you can't afford a Les Paul hollow-body guitar this year, but you can get your musical pal a ukulele so that they can strum out their newest inspiration while you marathon The Office for the 50th time. It's made from mahogany and has a rosewood fingerboard for smooth sound. One reviewer writes: "Great quality for the price!"

2. A Dutch Oven For Five-Star Dinner Parties

If your friend is the type to cook a feast for their closest pals, contribute to their kitchen arsenal with this awesome Dutch oven. There is an entire genre of recipes dedicated to cooking with a Dutch oven, which will give them plenty of material to work with. This fits 6 quarts worth of stews, soups, and more — and is heat-resistant up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can absolutely put this in the oven.

3. A Margarita Kit For Backyard Parties

Don't forget the tequila and limes when you give your friend the gift of a five-piece margarita set. Your foodie friend probably knows how to make some delicious fajitas too, so you have that to look forward to. The pieces are hand-blown, an there are a few colorways — but all come with four glasses and a sturdy pitcher for any party.

4. A Beautiful Bronze Highlight

Help your bestie bring out their natural sparkle with this highlighting powder by Bobbi Brown. You can never have enough highlighter, and your BFF will appreciate that you know this. The light-reflecting powder adds a bronze glow to the high points of your face (and is great for medium skin tones), and the magnetic clasp keeps it safe in your purse.

5. A Polaroid Camera That's Fun AF

Make sure your artsy friend can capture all of your most photo-worthy spontaneous moments with this camera that instantly prints out small Polaroids. That way, not only will you have given them a great addition to their photography kit, but you'll both have loads of new photos to display to celebrate your friendship. This one has auto-exposure, built-in flash, and a selfie option. It also includes two packs of film.

6. A Star Wars Trivia Book

Nurture your BFF's inner geek while improving your chances of becoming the championship bar trivia team with this book of Star Wars facts and trivia. There are 2,500 questions in this — and it covers Episodes I though VI.

7. Some Pretty Funny Harry Potter Swag

Any Potterhead knows that wizarding merch is always a welcome gift to find under any tree. If you can't find an invisibility cloak or a satchel of floo powder, maybe snag your bestie this Ministry of Magic toilet decal! Hilarious. It's also easy to apply to any toilet — just peel and stick.

8. These Tampon-Shaped Booze Tubes

These are a fun way to bring booze into places like ball parks or concerts — just don't let your friend blame you if she gets kicked out for breaking the rules. This comes with two packs of 10 reusable tubes and a funnel.

9. A Portable Beach Radio

For the bestie who has everything, try this fun portable radio — which allows you to listen to AM, FM, or even Spotify, if you have cell service on the beach and a way to plug it in. I can tell you that in college, one of my besties had portable speakers, and we used them absolutely all of the time. Also, if any of my friends are reading this, I do not currently own this or any other beach radio, so, there's that.

10. A Facial Cleansing Brush

Give your busy BFF the gift of luxury with this multi-tasking face cleansing brush and massager. It easily recharges via USB, and one charge lasts up to a month of uses. The flexible, antibacterial silicone bristles gently buff away makeup, dirt, and impurities that can clog pores — and it even feels like a gentle massage. It's portable and waterproof, too.

11. This Silly Book About Friendship

This collection of comics about friendship is sure to make your funny best friend lol whenever you're not around to do that for them. Plus, at 128 pages, this book is long enough to earn the time-honored position on the back of the toilet. These are heart-warming, and based on a popular Tumblr blog.

12. Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Get them laughing with this instant classic by the rush chair of the comedy sorority, Amy Poehler. They'll thank you for the read, and for the invaluable contributions to their witty banter. It's an inspiring read, so send it over to your BFF that needs a little pick-me-up.

13. This Unbreakable Dog Toy

Your friend with a pup will thank you when they opens an unbreakable dog toy. While it might seem like a gift for their pup, the hours of attention that a good dog toy provides will give them the time to do things like go out to dinner without having to worry about coming home to an apartment full of chewed shoes. It also soothes their teeth and gums (the dog's, not your friend).

14. This Pour-Over Coffee Carafe

Your caffeinated friend will be equipped to make coffee the chic way with this glass coffee carafe from Chemex. This one makes about 6 cups of the good stuff. Best of all, the non-porous Borosilicate glass will keep your coffee tasting fresh for a long time — and you can refrigerate the whole thing for iced coffee every morning.

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