Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
by Eliza Castile
Cavan Images/Cavan/Getty Images

If you're reading this article, it's safe to assume you recently came to the realization that Valentine's Day is looming — er, waiting just around the corner. Some people might have already gotten their shopping over with, and I'm sure it must be nice to sit back and watch the rest of us scramble for last-minute Valentine's Day gifts. The good news is that there's still enough time to order something online, so at least you won't be handing over an assortment of items from the nearest drug store on Feb. 14. The not-so-good news is that at this point, you'll probably have to fork over money for faster shipping, mere weeks after your wallet recovered from the damage inflicted in December.

Although Valentine's Day is associated with romance (and consumerism) these days, it has surprisingly metal origins. According to NPR, the modern holiday might have grown out of Lupercalia, a Roman feast taking place on Feb. 13 to 15. In addition to a cutesy matchmaking lottery, revelers would also sacrifice a goat and a dog. Later, Lupercalia was combined with St. Valentine's Day -- a day honoring the execution by Emperor Claudius II of two martyrs named Valentine -- to overwrite the pagan rituals. Sometime in the Middle Ages, Valentine's Day greetings began appearing. Hundreds of years later, Feb. 14 is known as a day for lavishing your loved ones with candy and wine and/or awkwardly skirting the subject of love if your relationship is new.

With the holiday fast approaching, it's time to whip out your credit card and do some online shopping. Here are 14 gift ideas with overnight shipping.


The Love Poems Of Rumi

Click Here To Buy

There's plenty of love poems out there, but Rumi is one of the most well-regarded. If you buy from Barnes and Noble, you can even get same-day delivery in Manhattan.


Beer Jelly

Beer Jelly, $30, Potlicker Kitchen

If your partner is into food, check out this beer-inspired jelly from a seller on Potlicker Kitchen.


Fitness Tracker

Show how much you want your loved one's heart to keep ticking by buying them a fitness tracker like this Fitbit from Amazon.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, $129, Amazon



Whether they smell like cookies or the great outdoors, candles are always a welcome gift.

Shimmering Pine, $15, Amazon


7 Deadly Sins Beer Glasses

7 Deadly Sins Pilsner Glasses, $72, Uncommon Goods

These glasses definitely aren't your regular way to drink beer.



Sony Studio Series Headphones, $15, Amazon

You can't go wrong with a pair of quality headphones, although they may use them to tune you out one day.


Fancy Boxers

HUGO BOSS Boxers, $34, Amazon

Honestly, it's a gift to both of you.


Fancy Lingerie

See above. Macy's and Target both have express shipping, so they're worth checking out.


Beard Grooming Kit

Bevel Shave System Starter Kit, $80, Amazon

If your partner has a beard (or wants to grow one), take a look at this shaving kit.


Anatomical Heart Print

Anatomical Human Heart, $13, Amazon

It isn't quite overnight shipping, but this unique print can be ordered from Amazon with two-day shipping.


Couple Pillowcases


Romantic Mugs

From My Heart to Yours Too Couple Coffee Mugs, $30, Amazon

BoldLoft also has a series of matching mugs, like the pair pictured above.


A High-Quality Wallet

Fossil Men's Leather Wallet, $35, Macy's

It might not be the most romantic purchase, but if your partner's wallet is falling apart, replace it with something a little sturdier.


Gift Subscriptions

Finally, your gift doesn't have to be tangible. Gift subscriptions can almost always be sent over email and scheduled for a certain day; just print out the email if you want something to physically wrap. There plenty of possibilities: wine of the month clubs, streaming services, magazines, etc.

Just remember that the thought is what makes things romantic, so as long as you keep your partner's interests in mind, you can't really go wrong.