14 Mother's Day Gifts For Moms Who Love Tea

Courtesy of Brands

Personally, I used to get stressed about Mother's Day because I could never tell what my mom would like. Then I noticed she had a propensity for drinking tea, and the answer to my prayers lit up all future months of May for me. She's a tea lover! Tea lovers are so easy to buy for. You can get them new blends of tea, or find them versatile accessories to make their tea-filled lives easier and more tasteful; plus, there are a ton of Mother's Day gifts for moms who love tea to choose from.

In fact, the variety is pretty cool, depending on your mom's tea needs — if you want to keep it simple, you can go with with teapots or infusers. You can also find tea-themed goodies, like face washes, shampoos, and body sprays. There's a whole world of tea goodies out there for us to embrace. If you're scratching your head over what to get your mom, this is probably the best place to start. Check out this listicle for a few tea-related favorites you can order online. If your mom loves a good cup of tea, odds are she already knows her favorite kind and her exact specifications for it — but that doesn't mean she won't appreciate a few of these accessories and quirky tea ideas to liven things up a bit!


Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box

Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box, $15.21, Amazon

Your mom can keep all the tea she may have been collecting organized in a neat little box, so she doesn't have to root through the miscellaneous tea bags in the pantry every morning.


Lavender Slumber Tub Tea Soak

Lavender Slumber Tub Tea Soak, $9.50, Etsy

Treat your mom to a nice relaxing bath with this soothing tea soak. It's like the benefits of drinking a hot cup and the pleasure derived from a nice long shower. Perfect for spring-themed relaxation.


Ceramic Cup with Tea Infuser and Lid

Ceramic Cup with Tea Infuser and Lid, $20, Amazon

She can drink that tea in style now with this floral-designed cup, which is perfect for transitioning into spring and summer teas.


Matcha Green Tea Drops

Matcha Green Tea Drops, $12, Amazon

Did someone say "instant tea?" With 10 drops of the famous Japanese-style drink, moms on the go won't have to worry about dealing with the tea bag in their cup once they get to wherever they're going.


Thistle Moon Steel Loose Leaf Tea And Spice Tin

Thistle Moon Steel Loose Leaf Tea and Spice Tin, $16.95, Amazon

If your mom's been needing a place to keep all her messier teas, this is the perfect answer to all her problems — they'll keep the pantry organized, or look chic on the counter by her kettle.


USB Tea Mug Warmer

USB Tea Mug Warmer, $14.95, Amazon

You can warm hot beverages with your computer. Wow, science is weird. Get it for your mom regardless of her tech savviness!


Plane-Shaped Tea Bags

Plane-shaped Tea Bags, $8.50, Etsy

A funny play on the fact that you probably have to ride a plane now more often than not to see Mom. But in any case, these bags are too cute to ignore. They remind us that soaring possibility can be around every corner — including in your tea cup!


Organic Green Tea Night Cream

Organic Green Tea Night Cream, $8, Etsy

What better way to kick up your skincare routine a notch than with some tea cream? It'll smell like one of her favorite brews and add a little dash of #TreatYourself to tea time.


Owls Porcelain Teapot and Cup

Tea For One Owls Porcelain Teapot and Cup, $24.95, Amazon

Who will be the lucky owner of this teapot and cup? Hopefully your mom!


Blooming Tea Balls

Blooming Tea Balls, $13.98, Etsy

These tea balls make for pretty designs in your drink once they unfurl. Anyone who's tried the different types of teas, from loose leaf to powder, is going to love this unique form.


Witches Tea Spoons

Witches Tea Spoons, $6, Etsy

Spooky, but worth it. The antique designs may light up your mom's inner spell-caster, and add some magic to her teatime.


Owl Tea Bag Holder Set

Owl Tea Bag Holder Set, $21, Etsy

These are a perfect way to stash a tea bag that definitely still has some brewing potential in it! And multiple colors means she can lay whichever one out that best matches her tea drinking vibe that day.


Perfectly Steeped Tea: An Illustrated Guide

Perfectly Steeped Tea: An Illustrated Guide, $18, Etsy

This illustrated guide gives you the recommended water temperature and steep time from boil time for nine different types of tea — a great companion for a tea-loving mom, and also super cute to display.


Afternoon Tea Party Tablecloth

Afternoon Tea Party Tablecloth, $11.27, Etsy

Keep your table clean and tea-stain-free with this lovely cloth — perfect for entertaining tea parties, whether it's the whole crew or just you and your mom.