14 National Pizza Day Memes That Are Just Cheesy Enough

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Feb. 9 is National Pizza Day, and while celebratory protocol might be kind of obvious (eat all the pizza, of course) plans for digital festivities might need some direction. In between pizza gorges, you'll want to be posting pizza content on the internet. If that sounds like regular programing for you, than you're going to slay this holiday — or shall I say, slice. For the rest of you, you'll want to check out these National Pizza Day Memes because they're going to do two things for you. For one, they're going to make you laugh and feel #seen. For two, they're going to provide you with some very relevant and likable content that will help you stand out on social media.

I think we all know the magical feeling of finding a meme that fits perfectly, it's like finding a new friend or saying "jinx" with an old friend. If you love pizza, aka, if you're human and have a pulse, I think you'll find that you feel all of those magical things upon reviewing the memes I've rounded up. In no particular order, please enjoy these perfectly cheesy, perfectly toasty, tasty and relevant AF pizza memes in honor of National Pizza Day — the holiday that should definitely be celebrated more than once a year.

Whole Foods

If you really think about it, pizza is all over the food pyramid, making it a very balanced meal in every slice! (Kind of.)

Double Pizza OMG

What I love most about this meme is that it's meant to be ridiculous, but by now it surely exists. Who's laughing now?


You know what they say, "if you got it, flaunt it."

Best Wishes

If you really want to put the "happy" in "happy birthday" gift someone a pizza cake. The best part about this gesture is that you get to eat it too.

It Would Work

It's not really a matter of "falling for it" it's really more a matter of just accepting your fate.

A Shame!

For me, the crust is the heart of the pizza, it's the showcase for the dough, the best, last part. Anyone who thinks otherwise is missing out — and is also not my friend.

A Pizza My Heart

Any situation can be made sweeter, nicer, more interesting and more valuable by adding the gift of pizza and that's just a fact.

Dream Come True

This is wish fulfillment at its best. Instant gratification.

Still Here

Of course I'm still here, I'm just trying to dig my way out from all of the pizza boxes to touch screen, can you give me a minute?

I'll Be Here

When someone asks you what you're up to and then asks you to send them a selfie...Just bein' honest!

I'm Living It!

When you order a party sized pizza for a party of one. #Goals

Damn Wind

The weather can be so unpredictable though, you know what I mean?

You Are Beautiful, It's True

When you're hungry for pizza and you're trying to write a poem about not-pizza.

I'm Developing Fillings For You

Some people like the idea of a warm body at the end of the day, other people like the idea of a warm, cheese-filled crust at the end of the day. Apples and oranges.