14 Punny Instagram Caption Ideas To Post During Daylight Saving Time

15 daylight saving time fall 2020 memes

Get ready to feel really, really exhausted for at least a few days (like, more exhausted than usual). Daylight Saving Time is starting on Sunday, Mar. 10, and that means that the clocks are changing in a way that's definitely going to affect you. There's a lot of confusion around Daylight Saving Time, but here's the deal: in the spring, you "spring forward," or move the clocks ahead one hour, meaning we lose an hour instead of gaining one. That's so that we can get more daylight, sure, but it's also highly inconvenient for anyone who likes to feel awake throughout the day. And that means that everyone is joking about it — and you can too. We've got some punny Instagram captions about Daylight Saving Time that you're definitely going to want to steal.

Those jokes and puns are, after all, one of the only upsides to losing one entire hour of sleep. The other upside isn't bad either: we're one step closer to warmer weather, longer days, and lots more sunlight. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't quite caught up to that yet, so we'll have to wait a while to ditch our winter coats. But at least this is proof that we're nearing the end of winter!

Instead of complaining about Daylight Saving Time, try making a joke and complaining about Daylight Saving Time on Instagram. You'll likely get some likes and follows out of the deal, so it's really a win for you! Here are some ridiculous and hilarious Daylight Saving Time puns about springing forward that you'll definitely appreciate when you're suffering through a long day on Monday:


Next time, why can't we just spring forward an hour on a Friday afternoon instead?

Seriously, why does it have to happen in the middle of the night while we're all sleeping? If we're going to lose an hour, can't it at least be the kind of hour we want to lose?


Let's set our clocks ahead two years.

You know, so we can skip right through the political mess that will be the presidential election and just get to see the results in the end. Who wants to be around for that?


Since when is less sleep and more daylight a good thing?

Some people might love and appreciate the extra sunlight, but not everyone! We don't all enjoy being woken up to rays of light super early in the day.


Having kids basically feels like waking up on the first morning of Daylight Saving Time every day for 18 years.

If you have kids, you'll appreciate this one.


Thanks for reminding me to change my clocks that change themselves.

It's 2019 - do we all still need to be reminded constantly to change the clocks? Don't most of them just do it on their own?


Sorry you lost an hour trying to figure out if we gained or lost an hour this weekend.

For the record: we lose an hour in the spring. That's why they say "spring forward" - you are setting the clocks ahead. Yes, it's rough.


It's time to spring forward to a maladjusted sleep cycle.

Can't wait to feel totally exhausted and marvel at the difference just one hour makes!


If I wasn't so tired I would protest Daylight Saving Time.

It's too bad you're so exhausted, because otherwise you could have used some energy to really make a big deal over this whole thing.


The hour we lose this weekend was the one when I was planning to go to the gym.

Ah, oh well. Just bad timing. Maybe in a few days when you're less sleepy!


We lost an hour last night, but look on the bright side. We're that much closer to happy hour.

There's always a positive side to every situation!


Daylight Saving Time means the clock in my car is finally correct again.

Here's a nice little shout out to everyone who doesn't change the clocks in their car because they don't know how. You aren't alone, friends!


I will not be participating in Daylight Saving Time until the weather participates with us.

Just take a stance against Daylight Saving Time until it actually feels like, you know, spring, and not extended winter.


I don't need Daylight Saving Time to show up to work an hour late.

The good thing is that you can use Daylight Saving Time as your excuse for being late even if you are already always late to everything.


Daylight Saving Time: Because your sleep schedule isn't screwed up enough as it is.

This was probably exactly what you needed right about now, huh?