14 Punny Instagram Captions For National Potato Day To Help Honor This Delicious Food

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French fries, hash browns, red potatoes, new potatoes — there are so many ways to eat potatoes that you could eat them every day for a year and never have the same potato twice. If you want to celebrate the potato, these punny Potato Day 2018 Instagram captions will help you give potatoes all the props they deserve. Potatoes (or lack thereof) are why the Irish side of my family came to the U.S. during the potato famine in the 1700s, which means potatoes are the entire reason I'm here writing about National Potato Day.

Pretty much everything can be traced back to potatoes if you look hard enough. National Potato Day, Aug. 19, is the time to celebrate all the joy potatoes bring to your life. I mean, where would we be without French fries? I don't even want to think about it. According to the website National Today, French fries are everyone's favorite potato creation followed by mashed potatoes and the trusty baked potato. There are more than 4,000 different kinds of potatoes, and people have been feasting on them since 8000 BC.

"There’s no wrong way to prepare a potato, and the internet (and probably your grandma) have a million-and-one recipes for you to try," National Today noted. "Nearly ever cuisine has potatoes in it, so you can take a culinary journey with your trusty potato by your side." If you want to celebrate your love for spuds, take yourself to brunch and order a bunch of potato-related dishes, then snap a pic and post it to Instagram with one of these punny Potato Day captions.


Taters gonna tate. — Punpedia

If you happen to be brunching with the one person in the world who doesn't love potatoes, don't let that hater ruin your tater.


Fry and fry again. — Punpedia

National Potato Day 2018 is an ideal time for a French fry tasting tour. Fry and fry again until you find the fry that's just right. Sidebar: According to National Today, McDonald's has America's favorite French fry.


Couch potato time!

If you're all out of social graces, and you want to spend National Potato Day on your couch, grab your favorite potato snack and couch potato the day away.


The Silence of the Yams — LaffGaff

Make it a scary-movie Sunday on National Potato Day 2018. Queue up The Silence of the Lambs while you lament the silence of the yams. If potatoes would talk, they'd likely say: Eat me, Clarice. I taste good.


Darth Tater — LaffGaff

Use your lightsaber to peel your Darth Tater.


If only you knew how mash you mean to me. — Potato Parcel

Let your mashed potatoes know how mash they mean to you by making all the appropriate food faces.


We're a perfect mash. — Potato Parcel


Let's get mashed tonight. — Potato Parcel

Vodka comes from potatoes, which means you can totally get mashed on potatoes during National Potato Day. Or, just nosh on some traditional mash so you can avoid the dreaded Monday-morning hangover.


You say potato, I say vodka. — Karen Walker, 'Will & Grace'



I only have eyes for you.

My sweet potato, I only have eyes for you.


Getting baked on National Potato Day.

And by baked I mean bacon with my hot potato.


Potatoes gonna potate.

They're also gonna do the mash potato.


Spuddenly it has happened to me ...

"Finally [Spuddenly] you've come along / The way I feel about you it just can't be wrong / If you only knew the way I feel about you / I just can't describe it, oh no no." — CeCe Peniston


Hashbrown #potato

No matter how you celebrate National Potato Day 2018, don't forget to hashbrown #NationalPotatoDay on Instagram.