14 Scary Movies Streaming On Hulu Now, From ‘Hellraiser’ To ‘A Quiet Place’

by Danielle Burgos
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Nothing helps with the dead heat of summer like throwing a little chill down your spine with some scary cinema. It also helps if you don't have to take a step out into the searing heat to do so, getting to remain in the quiet cool of your own environ. While it's known that horror movies raise your heart rate and stimulate the flight or fight response, that feeling of dread can translate into cool times on the couch when you're not actually under duress. To that outcomes, here are 14 scary movies streaming on Hulu right now.

A few of these films aren't horror in the typical sense — though there are murders in Hounds of Love, the real focus is the disturbing, enabling relationship that allows them to happen time and again. And while it's got touches of the supernatural, Sleepy Hollow is more CSI: Upstate New York, a whodunit with colonial setting. Don't worry though, there' are still plenty of classics for genre fans. Nearly all the Friday the 13th movies are available, from the original which — trivia time — didn't even have Jason as the killer, to later outings where Jason took Manhattan and several people's internal organs.

So grab the remote, sit back, and prepare to be transported to realms both creepy and cool by these streamers.


'Friday The 13th' — 'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning'

You can catch eight different times that the legend of Jason Voorhees was resurrected, including a two-dimensional version of a 3D outing, boat Jason, Jason going to Hell, and Crispin Glover dancing in the overly optimistically named Last Chapter.


'Children Of The Corn'

What's more frightening than rural children who've risen up against their town's adults to worship a malevolent deity? Finding out that said deity is real!


'Mom And Dad'

If this Nicholas Cage and Selma Blair movie about parents trying to violently off their own children was good enough to make John Waters' Best Of 2017 list, it's good enough to stream at home.


'The Alchemist Cookbook'

This oddball film about a young man isolating himself in the woods to unlock alchemical secrets is funny as it is terrifying.


'Childhood Of A Leader'

This disturbing film shows the childhood of an unnamed leader (and no, it's not supposed to be Hitler) and birth of fascism post-WWI in a slow, eerie burn.


'I Saw The Devil'

This one follows a murderer who's eluded police and the policeman who manages to track him down. The latter then decides to get his own revenge.


'Hounds Of Love'

This horror in this movie comes in equal parts from the horrifying murders at the center of it and the extraordinarily abusive relationship that allows them to happen.


'Tetsuo The Bullet Man'

The third in the Tetsuo series once again sees a metal fetishist set off a chain of horrifying events, but in this one an American protagonist literally absorbs gun violence.



More sci-fi than horror, this all-female exploration of shimmering alien territory starring Natalie Portman, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, and more is terrifying enough to qualify.


'An American Werewolf In London'

In this 1981 movie, the first on-screen werewolf transformation also features the victims talking to their killer, a horror rarity.



This twisted classic by Clive Barker (and only this one — no sequels) of pleasure and pain is available for your viewing delectation.


Sleepy Hollow

This literary adaptation and creepy murder mystery from Tim Burton has the added bonus of its New England setting. You'll feel cooler just watching it during the hot summer months.


'A Quiet Place'

The loudest in the newly minted sub-genre of "Dad Horror," writer/director John Krasinski's tale of a survivalist family trying to live amongst hyper-sensitive alien ears is now streaming. A sequel is on its way in 2020.



And finally, Darren Aronofsky's directorial indulgence is best viewed at your leisure. The overly-symbolic film is far from universally adored, so as curious as you may be, you may also be glad you didn't shell out your hard-earned cash for a movie theater ticket.

There are plenty of other streaming films available on Hulu, but when you have the option to give yourself goosebumps, why settle for anything else?

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